Malang, 11 March 2017 --- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI organizes BNI Hackfest in serial in several cities in Indonesia, namely Malang, Bandung, Makassar, Yogjakarta, and  Jakarta. This competition will filter the best application developers in Indonesia as a part of nationwide banking service digitization program which in BNI is called as BNI DigiNation.


The first round of BNI Hackfest 2017 was opened and held in Malang, East Java, on Saturday (11 March 2017). This competition will be ended on Sunday (12 March 2017) and the winner announcement at the same time in Malang. Present in the event opening in Malang, Information Technology SEVP of BNI Dadang Setiabudi.


BNI Hackfest 2017 is the result of a neat collaboration between BNI, PT Telkom, Malang Creative Fusion, and STASION Community. Cooperation between BNI and PT Telkom is a synergy of SOEs which continues to be raised to improve public welfare. In this occasion, PT Telkom prepared Digital Innovation Lounge (DILo) Malang and strong internet network to facilitate the participants in accomplishing their competition.


Dadang Setiabudi conveyed, BNI Hackfest 2017 is a competition to make application or program within a limited time, namely only in 24 hours and non-stop. The application built must be able to give solution for problems faced by either public or government. The application is also expected to be able to be built on Financial Technology (Fintech) basis to simplify and accelerate the national economic growth, to support BNI operation in particular and banking world in general.


Therefore, there are several application themes must be made by participants namely First, Business or e-Commerce, i.e. a business or e-commerce-based application that can increase economy value or direct business (sale purchase application). Second, Public Service, is an application made as public service media, whether or not it needs payment mechanism. Third, Banking, is an application can be used to simplify bank service aims to improve banking service performance. Fourth, Socio-Culture, is an application made by targeting socio-cultural service, such as education, social, health, culture, which are useful for Indonesian people.


This competition is expected to develop digital innovation in region and not only concentrated in large cities such as Jakarta. We also hope that this competition will create useful innovation solution for wide community and also to show our surge BNI DigiNation campaign currently,” said Dadang.


Number of participants qualified to final round in this competition reached 50 teams with total 150 personnel. In the beginning there were 90 teams registered, but the rest are failed the initial selection.  


"I am happy, from those 50 teams passed in this BNI Hackfest 1’st Round Malang 2017, 7 teams among them came from Vocational Schools in Malang, 18 teams from Universities, and 25 teams from professional. This is in line with the aim and concept of BNI Hackfest 1’st Round Malang 2017 eventOf course, we have prepared surprise for winning candidates of  BNI Hackfest 1’st Round Malang 2017, in addition to the prizes which previously were only Laptops, we added cash in the form of Taplus BNI in the amount of Rp 15 million for the 1st Winner, Rp 10 million for Runner-up, and Rp 5 million for 2nd Runner-up, so the total prize is worth Rp 90 million. Hopefully this can be useful to keep the winners motivated in their work,” said Dadang.


The winning application in each region will be brought to incubation session at BNI Innovation in Jakarta to get briefing and sharpening on operation model and business model. There are several assessment criteria to filter those creative ideas, among other things are idea uniqueness and originality, innovation and creativity, integrity capability to platform or BNI products, business impact, as well as the ability to respond the problems in society, particularly Malang. Output of this Hackfest is expected can be implemented in practice and not just a prototype.


Previously, BNI has launched “BNI DigiNation” program which will become a movement throughout BNI operation areas to help accelerate digital financial transaction literacy for Indonesian society, particularly who have limited access to financial institutions. This movement will open public awareness that digital technology can be applied as well as possible  in improving common welfare of Indonesian society in general.


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