Malang, 12 March 2017 --- The application developer completion held by PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) called BNI Hackfest 2017 has delivered 3 teams of the best application developer in Malang and surrounding. The three winner of BNI Hackfest 1st Round 2017 in Malang get interesting awards and will be invited to Jakarta to get sharpening and briefing from BNI Inovation.

Winner announcement and award presentation for winners of BNI Hackfest 1st Round 2017 was held in Digital Innovation Lounge (DILo) Malang, East Java, Sunday (12 Maret 2017). Banking Consumer Director of BNI Anggoro Eko Cahyo attended a sharing session related to the innovation should be directed to be able to build the surrounding society. In addition, Anggoro also presented award to the winners.

Those three winning teams of BNI Hackfest 1st Round Malang 2017 are First, SMASH Team with MySmash application, second position was achieved by Starlight Team with Ceki application, and third position was achieved by DAZ Team with Smart Society application. There outperformed 90 registrant teams and 50 finalists compete in this competition.

The three winning teams and their respective will be invited to incubation session in BNI Inovation in Jakarta to get briefing and sharpening on operation model and business model together with other teams who will follow from other cities.

Anggoro Eko Cahyo congratulated the winning teams and asked the teams have not win to continue on creating and never give up in creating other creative innovation in the future. The winners are qualified as they are the best in fulfilling various criteria set out such as idea uniqueness and originality, innovation and creativity, integration capability to platform or BNI products, business impact, as well the ability to respond the problem in society particularly in Malang City.

“We expect, Output of this activity can be implemented in practice and not just a prototype,” he said.

BNI organizes BNI Hackfest 2017 in serial in several cities in Indonesia, namely Malang, Bandung, Makassar, Yogjakarta, and Jakarta. This competition filters the best application developers in  Indonesia as part of a series of nationwide banking service digitization program, which in BNI is called BNI DigiNation.

BNI Hackfest 1st Round Malang 2017 is a neat collaboration result between BNI, Malang Creative Fusion, STASION Community, and PT Telkom. Cooperation of BNI and PT Telkom is a synergy of SOE which continues to be raised to improve public welfare. In this occasion, PT Telkom prepared Digital Innovation Lounge (DILo) Malang and a strong internet network to facilitate participants in accomplishing their competition.

BNI Hackfest 2017 is a competition to make application or program in a limited time, namely only 24 hours and nonstop. The application built must be able to give solution for problems faced by society or government. This application is also expected can be built on Financial Technology (Fintech) basis to simplify and accelerate national economic growth, particularly to support BNI operation and banking world in general.

Previously, BNI has launched “BNI DigiNation” program which can be a movement throughout BNI operation areas to help acceleration of digital financial transaction literacy for Indonesian society, particularly those who have limited access to financial institutions. This movement will stimulate public awareness that digital technology can be applied as well as possible in improving common welfare of Indonesian society in general.

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