Jakarta, 20 April 2016 --- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI held Program Saving For Earth with BNI Taplus Anak. This program is one effort conducted by BNI to invite its young customers to care for the environment particularly to care about waste, in various easy ways.


The various ways campaigned to care about waste are First, collecting bottle caps to reduce waste (Reduce). Second, using bottle caps still can be used (Reuse). Third, changing bottle caps into toys or variety of creative works (Recycle/ Upcycle).


The kick-off ceremony event of the Program Saving For Earth with BNI Taplus Anak was held at SDIT Al Halimiyah, Pondok Kopi, East Jakarta, Thursday (20 April 2017). That occasion was attended by BNI Leader of Rawamangun Branch Office, Wartono, Director Creadu, Rosalyna Wijaya, and Head Master of SDIT Al-Halimiyah Muniroh Halim. 


That school was selected to be the event location as the students of SDIT Al Halimiyah have been BNI young customers since 2012 and they regularly make Wednesday as the day of Saving. The Kick Off is signed by submission of plastic bottle cap waste having been collected by the students of SDIT Al Halimiyah Pondok Kopi symbolically to BNI. BNI then will process the waste to become variety creative works (Recycle/Upcycle) by a partner appointed by BNI.


"Through this activity, BNI educates BNI young customers not only to be financial savvy by early saving habit, but also to be environmental savvy by way of care about waste through Reduce, Reuse, Recycle or Upcycle," said Corporate Secretary BNI, Kiryanto in Jakarta, Thursday (20 April 2017).


In the activity Saving For Earth with BNI Taplus Anak, BNI peculiarly prepared educative game made of recycle products, so can inspire children’s creativity in creating game from recycle/ upcycle material. The educative game used in the Kick Off event was memory game made of plastic bottle caps given sticker with saving education content for children, so the children can play while learning. 


The activity Saving For Earth with BNI Taplus Anak was used by BNI as the part of the Program School to School BNI Taplus Anak Sahabat Sekolah. Through this program, BNI campaigns the need of children saving through schools, so as to increase awareness of saving early to elementary school students up to senior high school students all over Indonesia.


Reaches 1 Million Customers


In addition to the activity Saving For Earth, in the program of BNI Taplus Anak Sahabat Sekolah, BNI also conducted BNI Taplus Anak Sains Day namely workshop or interactive and fund science learning for 3-5 grade of Elementary School students. The implementation of BNI Taplus Anak Sains Day was held by BNI in collaboration with PT Kuark International, a BNI partner which was also the organizer of Kuark Science Olympic for children in 34 provinces in Indonesia.


The purpose of those programs is to increase the saving awareness and to manage money early, so that BNI Taplus Anak becomes the Top of Mind of Indonesian children, to increase the individual fund growth of BNI Taplus Anak, and to increase acquisition and upselling of BNI Taplus Anak. In addition, it is to increase parents interest to other BNI products. In accordance with the BNI service tagline for Consumers & Retail: Lifetime Banking Partner, BNI provides deposit and loan products for early age up to elderly.


BNI Taplus Anak is a deposit product in the form of saving designated for children and teenagers until 17 years old to grow saving culture for children since early age. Until 17 April 2017, third party fund (DPK) of BNI Taplus Anak has reached Rp 2,28 trillion with total 1 million customers.


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