Jakarta, 26 April 2017 --- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI continues on the tradition to support the international craft exhibition in Indonesia, Inacraft. Inacraft 2017 is the 13th support of BNI as the Inacraft major partner since 2004, as one form of BNI support towards development of the Nation Creative Industries. In the Inacraft 2017, again BNI becomes the only bank manages financial transaction during the event, whereby this time all transactions are encouraged to be done Go Digital or non-cash.

BNI service to support digital-based financial transactions are performed through the provision of Mini Banking BNI, increases the number of electronic data capture (EDC) in almost booth tenants of Inacraft 2017, and operates payment transaction using BNI card products to have transaction. BNI excellence service products used are BNI Debit Card, BNI Credit Card, BNI TapCash Card, and the use of UnikQu.

All those digital-based transactions can be used from the first day of opening to the closing day of Inacraft 2017, from Wednesday – Sunday, 26 – 30 April 2017, in Jakarta. The Inacraft 2017 opening event was attended by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, Director of Consumer Banking BNI, Anggoro Eko Cahyo, as well as Director of Network & Small Business BNI, Catur Budi Harto.

Director of Consumer Banking BNI, Anggoro Eko Cahyo said, BNI presents 38 development partners come from Rumah Kreatif BUMN (RKB), Kampoeng BNI from various cities in Indonesia, and other Development Partners who utilize special financing of micro-small-medium entrepreneurs (UMKM) of BNI. Those Development Partners come from Jakarta, Padang, Bali, Palembang, Pontianak, Banjarmasin, Makassar, Tasikmalaya, and Pekalongan. They are presented in various business fields among other things Fashion (woven fabrics, batik or apparels), Leather Craft, Jewellry & Accessories, Spa & Aroma therapy, as well as other Handicrafts.

More than 1,140 EDC BNI or more than 90% booth tenants in Inacraft 2017 have been activated. BNI also makes this Inacraft 2017 to be different by presenting two of its excellent e-money products, namely BNI TapCash as card-based e-money, and UnikQu product as server-based e-money. Inacraft 2017 is the first event of Inacraft of the use of UnikQu product as electronic payment tool, where users can use cell phone at the time of transaction.  

All digital transaction services from BNI become the only payment tool in food & beverage booths, and become the major choice in transaction method to buy entrance ticket at ticket box as well as to purchase products at craft provider tenant booths in Inacraft 2017.

To attract visitors, BNI provides various promos for each purchase of Inacraft 2017 products using BNI electronic service products. Those promos are among other things discount up to 20% for visitors who have transaction in BNI development partners’ booths and other tenant booths by showing special sign.

BNI Promo Card

Inacraft 2017 is back as one attractive momentum for BNI Credit Card owners as that occasion prepares many promos. While enjoying various creation of the Country in Inacraft 2017, BNI Credit Card owners have opportunities to get various prizes such as iPhone7 32GB for the highest transaction of BNI Mastercard Credit Card during the Inacraft 2017 event. In addition, there is also 0% BNI Installment promo for 6 month tenor form minimum Rp 1 million purchase, BNI installment is also offered 0% for 12 month tenor with Rp 5 million minimum purchase.

BNI also prepares promo in the form of Rp 1 million Cashback for minimum Rp 5 million accumulation transaction per day special for BNI Mastercard Credit Card. Rp 300,000 Cashback is also given for minimum Rp 1 million accumulation transaction per day special for BNI Mastercard Credit Card. As for Rp 150,000 Cashback is given for minimum Rp 1 million accumulation transaction per day for BNI Visa Credit Card & Japan Card Bureau (JCB). Information on top spender and cashback return will be performed 1.5 months after the event is completed. Cashback is applicable per customer name.

Extra Rp 1 million cashback is also available for BNI Credit Card owners by  redeeming BNI Reward Points at BNI booth located at  pre-function hall A. The requirement is by performing any transaction in Inacraft. Those promo are not applicable for iB Hasabah Card and Corporate Card.

Meanwhile for BNI Debit Card or BNI ATM Card users there are shopping voucher gifts up to Rp 500,000 and opportunities to get smartphone and motor cycle for top spender.

There are also investment package promo through Pension Fund & Finance Institution (DPLK) BNI with attractive return, and provision fee discount and free administration fee for Kredit Usaha Rakyat (KUR) BNI application during Inacraft 2017 event.

“Subsidiaries participate in supporting Inacraft 2017 are BNI Syariah and BNI Life. BNI Syariah offers its excellent products, BNI Syariah Kartu Haji & Umroh and IB Hasanah Card. BNI Life introduces its other featured products and services adjusted to the needs of Inacraft 2017 visitors and participants,” said Anggoro Eko Cahyo.

Subsidiaries Promo

BNI Subsidiaries as the part of BNI Group, namely BNI Syariah and BNI Life also take part. Ini this Inacraft 2017, BNI Syariah offers its featured product in the form of BNI IB Hasanah Card for flexibility of shopping transaction for customers, with promo in the form of 0%  installment for 6 months with Rp 1,000,000 minimum transaction. In addition, there is also cashback up to Rp 300,000, and additional Rp 700,000 cashback for top spender customers with Rp 7,000,000 minimum transaction.

As for customers who open BNI Baitullah IB Hasanah saving during the event will directly get attractive gimmick, and opportunity to get lucky dip among other things Al-Quran, bag, flash disk, and Cinema XXI voucher.

In the meantime, BNI Life also serves Inacraft 2017 visitors with various featured life insurance products either for health, accident, as well as credit life insurance to complete the needs of customer financing. The featured products offered are BNI Life Proteksi Wira Usaha as protection insurance for BNI Wira Usaha (BWU) and Kredit Usaha Rakyat (KUR) credit facilities, as well as Mustapa BNI Life product with premium starting only from Rp 50,000/year that provides accident coverage up to Rp 30,000,000. Visitors have opportunities to get direct prize in the form of attractive souvenirs and shopping vouchers for each purchasing of BNI Life insurance product.

In accordance with BNI Vision to become Superior Financial Institution in Service and Performance, BNI Group always provides complete and comprehensive financial product and financial services as one stop financial services, so as to provide solution for customers’ various financial needs. This is supported by a variety of BNI channel distributions with mutually integrated services, both through Branch Offices or through Digital Banking service, together with Subsidiaries as a single BNI Group entity.

Inacraft 2017 is an International class event that is not just an exhibition activity that prioritizes sale purchase transaction, but also as an exhibition held with the intention of giving appreciation to Indonesia’s flagship products. This exhibition is expected to spur and hone the creativity of craftsmen to always innovate their products.


This event is a very valuable occasion for craft entrepreneurs to show high quality handicraft products and have promising business potential from various areas in. By becoming one of the Inacraft 2017 participants, they obtain opportunity to penetrate international market.


Promo of RKB BNI

RKB BNI Booth is also attractive to be visited. In addition to be interesting due to the variety of unique products, it also due to the promo programs offered by BNI. BNI provides 25% discount for the purchase of BNI UMKM Development Partners in RKB BNI Booth.    


It is easy. Visit, and then enter INACRAFT code. Later, visitor will get 25% discount or maximum Rp 200,000. This promo can be obtained for minimum Rp 100,000 shopping.  This promo is valid from 26 - 30 April 2017.


Information related to this promo can also be obtained by visiting UKM BNI booth during Inacraft 2017 event, in JCC. The RKB presented in this event are RKB Cilacap that presents Rajamas & Rajaserayu, as well as AW collection.  RKB Sleman that presents Ngeremboko (wooden handicraft) and Mom Craft (knitting bag craft)


In addition, also present RKB Pontianak namely Nani Liana (water taro root craft) and Soeltan (West Kalimantan motive fashion). As for in RKB Padang booth present Ayesha collection (tanah like batik) and Aneka rendang Asese (rendang). RKB Banyuwangi Booth presents SM Craft (craft glass & flanel) and Kajaya handycraft (accessories).


For more information, please call:

Kiryanto, Corporate Secretary BNI

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