Jakarta, 27 April 2017 --- Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkumham) in collaboration with PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI actualize non-cash transaction in Penitentiary. It is expected that this collaboration will expand the coverage of Non-Cash National Movement (GNNT), which has been initiated by Bank Indonesia, into the environment of Assisted Citizens in Penitentiary.


Through the cooperation of BNI and Ministry of Law and Human Rights, each Assisted Citizen in Penitentiary can have balance deposited in a Wallet account for sale purchase transaction in Penitentiary. This non-cash transaction system is developed in fingerprint-based of Assisted Citizen in Penitentiary, so as to more guarantee a transaction security.  This system also provides other benefit, namely Ministry of Law and Human Rights is also able to know more detail on a transaction performed by Assisted Citizens in Penitentiary.


The cooperation application of Fingerprint-Based Non-Cash Transaction to Assisted Citizens in Penitentiary began by the signing of Cooperation Agreement between Ministry of Law and Human Rights and BNI in Jakarta, Thursday (27 April 2017). That occasion was attended by the Director General of Penitentiary of Ministry of Law and Human Rights, I Wayan Kusmiantha Dusak, and the Director of Institutional Relation and Banking Transactional of BNI, Adi Sulistyowati.


Adi Sulistyowati conveyed, BNI will provide all the necessities in developing the fingerprint-based non-cash transaction system and the supporting infrastructure. This system will start after the Assisted Citizens fingerprint data is entered into database of the fingerprint-based non-cash transaction system.


“Each Assisted Citizen can have balance in an Assisted Citizen’s Wallet for sale purchase transaction in Penitentiary, which fund in balance of Assisted Citizen’s Wallet is deposited in Pooling Account. For sale purchase transaction in Penitentiary, an Assisted Citizen can use balance in Assisted Citizen’s Wallet with transaction authorization using an Assisted Citizen’s fingerprint. Every day, BNI will perform fund transfer from Pooling Account to Cooperation account based on sale purchase transaction data of an Assisted Citizen and Cooperation automatically,” said Adi Sulistyowati.


Collaboration between BNI and Ministry of Law and Human Rights has been done for a long time. Previously, since 2010, BNI participated to assist payment transaction simplification in fiduciary service in Directorate General of Administration of General Laws (Ditjen AHU) and passport service in Directorate General of Immigration.


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