Jakarta, 12 June 2017 — PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) and the Indonesian Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) signed Memorandum of Understanding on Banking Product and Service Utility For Business Development of Creative Economy Businessmen. This cooperation will make the implementation of various business development programs in the field of creative economy in Indonesia stronger and well-coordinated, including among other things in terms of financial support from the banking sector.


The signing of such memorandum of understanding was carried out by the Head of the Indonesian Creative Economy Agency, Triawan Munaf and the Director of Business and Network of BNI, Catur Budi Harto at the Building of Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) on Monday, 12 June 2017.


Triawan Munaf, said that this signing is a form of trust and strong synergy between banking and Bekraf to develop the business of creative economy actors. Through this cooperation, Indonesian creative world can get support or facility from BNI that has high awareness to art, culture and other creative sectors.


Catur Budi Harto added that this signing confirmed the commitment of BNI in encouraging and increase business development in creative economy industry as the form of support over the program of Government of the Republic of Indonesia. This memorandum of understanding will open more banking access for creative economy actors, ranging from financial transaction activity services, up to financing to increase business capital.


Creative economy is one of the real sectors which is very worthy to be priority. BNI is optimistic that the creative economy sector will be the backbone of Indonesian economy in the future. Unlike other economy sectors which highly depend on natural resources exploitation, the strength of creative economy rests more on the superiority of human resources. Art creation, architecture, books, technology innovation, and animation, derive from creative ideas of human thought.


Close cooperation between BNI and Bekraf is expected to run an ongoing and mutually beneficially basis. Until May 2017, BNI has distributed financing in the amount of  Rp 6.9 trillion, to as many as creative economy actors. In the amount of Rp 613 billion among them is distributed through People’s Business Credit (KUR) in creative economy industry sector, ranging from architecture, design, fashion, craft, culinary, up to music. BNI is ready to provide banking service through BNI channel to all creative economy actions spread all over Indonesia.


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