Jakarta, 13 June 2017 – State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) simultaneously distribute 200 Ramadhan gift packages, in 100 locations in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang andBekasi areas (Jabodetabek). Distribution of those Ramadhan gift packages is one implementation of the program SOEs Present For Country in order to improve the presence value added of SOEsin community.


According to the Minister of SOE,Rini M. Sumarno, SOE is a part of Indonesian community and is necessary to contribute in developing the country. Among them is through distribution of Ramadhangift package to support the community in need.


“I hope, through the distribution of Ramadhan gift package, can get us closer to community and contribute positively in the effort to prospering people’s life in various areas of Home Town,” said Rini.


As many as 200 thousand Ramadhan gift packages, are distributed by 14 SOEs, among other things PT PLN distributes20 thousand packages in 9 points in Jakarta, DepokandBekasi areas. Pertamina distributes 20 thousand packages in 9 points in Jakarta, BRI thousand packages in 9 points in Jakarta and Tangerang areas, Bank Mandirialso distributes 20 thousand packages in  9 locations in Depokand Bogor areas.


BNI also distribute 15 thousand aid packages in Bogor area, BTN as many as 10 thousand packages in Bekasi, Telkom submits 20 thousand aid packages in Jakarta, Depok, Bekasiand Tangerang areas.


In the meantime, other SOEs also simultaneously distribute Ramadhan gift packages in hundreds locations scattered in Jabodetabek area.


Rini continued that, SOEs is part of Indonesian community, have contribution to develop the country without exclusion. Among them is the activity of Distribution of 200,000 Ramadhan Gift Packages in 100 points simultaneously in Jabodetabekas the form of awareness of SOEs to help those who need in Ramadhan this year.


“Momentum of Ramadhan is the time to contemplate, surrender, serve and help those who need. The activity of Distribution of 200,000 Ramadhan Gift Packages in 100 points simultaneously in Jabodetabek today is one of the agendas of SOEs having been implemented from year to year is one commitment of SOEs Present for Country," said Rini.


In that occasion, Achmad Baiquni conveyed that the program of SOEs Present For Country by Sharing Ramadhan Gift is a joint effort of SOEs in the sector of banking, cement, food, pawnshop, up to fertilizer. This program of sharing is allowed to be done due to SOEs performance support by its increasing profit.


“Therefore, we are able to share with 200 thousand packages in Jabodetabek, also in West Java, Banten, Central Java and East Java. The requirement is SOE must profit so it is able to share. Please pray for SOEs to be able to grow. SOEs have purpose to improve people’s welfare through community business, therefore if they get profit, they are able to carry out function as agent of development,” he said.


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