BNI engages in well-planned, focused and sustained Corporate Social Responsibility activities to create longterm benefits for the welfare of society.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs at BNI are specifically directed in support of economic growth, jobs creation, poverty eradication, and preservation of natural environment. BNI believes that the implementation of effective CSR programs towards the achievement of those objectives will eventually contributes to the attainment of its vision statement of ‘to be a bank that excell in delivering services and performance’. Further, CSR activities conducted by BNI, including the Partnership Program and Community Development (PKBL) that is mandatory for a State- Owned Enterprise (SOE), represent part of integrated and consistent efforts by BNI in ensuring the sustainability of its existence as a business entity.


This aspect is discussed in more details in BNI Sustainability Report 2011. BNI engages in Partnership Program and Community Development (PKBL) with reference to Regulation of State Minister of SOE No. 05/MBU/2007 regarding PKBL. The regulation provides for a maximum of 4% of the net income after tax of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) to be set aside for PKBL activities. Based on the General Meeting of Shareholders of BNI on 18 may 2011, funds allocation for activities in the Partnership Program is set at 1% or Rp 41.0 billion, while 3% or Rp 123.0 billion is set aside for Community Development activities. Realized utilization of Partnership Program funds in 2011 was Rp 47.0 billion, while funds utilization for Community Development was realized at Rp 56.8 billion.