BNI Partnership Program facilitates soft loans to small and micro business owners with growth potential. These soft loans are given to individuals, referred to as partners in training, to help increase productivity and nurture independent business operations. Partnership Program activities include capacity building program that aims to enhance skills and abilities, leadership, financial management, program, and promotional activities in order to establish an effective and sustainable business. Partner characteristics include entrepreneurs who are unfamiliar with technical banking products, services, and facilities due to limited access to bank loans. The program’s main target is to tap into the growth potential of micro-entrepreneurs communities that have been isolated from formal banking practices (un bankable market). Small and micro business entrepreneur program can potentially strengthen business activities, capital (business capital or investment), entrepreneur’s access to banking products and facilities, business administration, product quality and competitiveness, as well as expand marketing reach. Capacity building offers technical assistance, including education and training, specialized technical assistance, and network strengthening. Hopefully, the program can benefit partners in training by improving and empowering them selves, creating a new generation of formidable entrepreneurs. In 2015, BNI Partnership Program focus is on creative industries, agribusiness, and maritime.

Community empowerment is one of the most popular CSR programs for many companies. BNI pioneered the design and implementation of community empowerment programs manifested in its seminal "Kampoeng BNI" program, a realization of its corporate mission to develop the economic potential of an area

Partnership Optimalization Program (Optimalisasi Program Kemitraan) maximizes loan process facilities, and provides assistance through its Small Loan Center (SKC) and Stand Alone branches (STA) across Indonesia. Furthermore, BNI also synergizes with other state-owned enterprises to facilitate and distribute Partnership Program funds.