With a variety of products, convenience and facilities we provide, money saving in the BNI has always been a pleasant experience.
Limited funding is now not a barrier. A variety of loan products we have are ready to support your goals.
Debit Card
A variety of shopping transactions at ATMs or at BNI and MasterCard Merchants now easier to use your Debit Card.
BNI Credit Card
Our Credit Cards are ready to accompany you who need the flexibility to transact through millions of Visa and MasterCard merchants worldwide.
Sending money, valuables storage, and order your traveler's checks now become so simple and easy.
Retirement Savings
Planning for your retirement is now worth more lightweight and profitable with the products our Pension Fund.
Realize quiet life with your family and your loved ones to protect yourself appropriately.
e-Banking Services BNI
With e-Banking, you are free to conduct banking transactions whenever and wherever you are online and easily.
BNI Weekend Banking (en-US)
BNI Weekend Banking