Benefits of BNI VISA/MasterCard/JCB Credit Card

  1. Worldwide Acceptance
    BNI VISA/MasterCard/JCB credit cards are accepted world-wide and can be used at any ATM bearing the Cirrus/PLUS logos, as well as at BNI ATMs throughout Indonesia.

  2. Easy and Affordable Payment
    You only have to pay a minimum of 10% of the total billing. Payment methods are described separately in more detail.

  3. BNI Call
    Our 24-Hour BNI Call Center services are at your service every day throughout the year. Just dial 1500046 or 1500046/68888 from your mobile phone for assistance from our friendly Customer Service.

  4. Supplementary Card with Different Card Number
    Different card numbers between the primary card and supplementary card will help you to easily identify the originating transactions as well as provide easier control of card usage. Payment is made to the primary card number only.

  5. BNI Dana Tunai
    Enjoy the convenience of transferring funds, up to your credit limit, at retail interest rates, through TelePlus BNI to any bank account in Indonesia, to be used for any purpose.

  6. BNI Isi Pulsa
    Top up your prepaid GSM and CDMA mobile phone provider through 24-Hour BNI Call services.

  7. Premium-Free Insurance Coverage
    As the cardholder of BNI Platinum Card (Regular, Affinity, Co-Branding, JCB), Corporate Card (Gold and Platinum), Garuda BNI Signature and VISA Infinite, you will automatically enjoy free premium insurance coverage.

  8. Perisai Plus
    Perisai Plus provides protection of your outstanding BNI credit card payable in the event that you are unable to pay the billing due to illness or accident that results in death or permanent disability, with a premium of just 0,60% of the total outstanding amount each month.

  9. BNI Bill Payment
    Enjoy the convenience of BNI Bill Payment to automatically pay your monthly bills, such as Telkom* (including Speedy and Flexi), PLN**, Kartu HALO, Matrix, Xplor, Smartfren, Esia, Indosat IM2, First Media, Indovision, and Aetra Air (TPJ)***, with your BNI credit card, and get the benefits such as no administration fee, no queueing, and the convenience of having all your monthly bills recorded on a single monthly credit card statement.

    *   Administration fee of IDR 2.500 per transaction is applicable
    **  Administration fee of IDR 3.500 per transaction is applicable
    *** Administration fee of IDR 2.500 per transaction is applicable
  10. Travel Services through BNI TeleTravel
    BNI TeleTravel facilitates greater travel enjoyment for you and family members through our airline ticketing, hotel reservation and tour package services. BNI TeleTravel also offers packaged tours during the holiday season as well as assistance with passport/visa preparation. For more information, please contact 24-Hour BNI Call Tele Services or TeleTravel Services at (021) 572 9090.

  11. AKSEN Newsletter
    The AKSEN newsletter is published every two months to update BNI credit cardholders on attractive offers and promos/discounts from various retail merchants such as shopping stores, restaurants, and hotels, as well as current information regarding your BNI Credit Card.

  12. Merchandising
    Cardholders will receive a regular catalog containing special offers on exclusive products for you to order, which will be billed to your BNI Credit Card account. Orders can be made via 24-hour BNI Call, facsimile, post mail, or via our website.

  13. E-Mail Info
    You will receive the latest info regarding your BNI Credit Card as well as other pertinent and useful information via electronic mail.

  14. BNI Mobile Services
    You can now conduct transactions on your credit card via text messages (SMS). Prepaid mobile phone top-up, fund transfer via BNI Dana Tunai, bill payments, and information on your BNI Credit Card (such as card outstanding, card usage, and other services), can be done via SMS to 3346, anytime, anywhere.

  15. BNI Airport Lounge
    When travelling by airplane, Cardholders of BNI Style Titanium, BNI Platinum (Reguler, Affinity, Co-Branding, JCB), Corporate Card and Visa Infinite can enjoy exclusive Executive Airport Lounge services while waiting for departure.

  16. Comprehensive Selection of Insurance Protection
    In cooperation with a number of leading insurance providers, BNI Credit Card provides cardholders with a wide range of insurance products for various purposes, available with a range of premiums.

  17. BNI Reward Points
    For each IDR 2.500 (and multiple) of retail transaction with BNI Credit Card, you will receive 1 (one) point reward. Accumulate your points and get instant prizes, without lottery drawing, during the Bonus Pasti program period.

  18. BNI Fixed Installments
    Retail transaction at any merchant using BNI Credit Card, that can be paid on a Fixed Installment schedule.

  19. Top-Up and Bill Payment via ATM
    Use BNI Credit Card at any BNI ATM to conduct a variety of top-up and bill payment transaction, including :


Airline Ticket

Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Citilink, Sriwijaya Air & Air Asia

Train Ticket


Prepaid Top-Up

Simpati, As, XL voucher, Mentari, IM3, StarOne, Smartfren, Esia, Three and Flexi

Post-Paid Phone

Xplor, Kartu HALO, Matrix, StarOne, Telkom/Flexi, Smartfren, Esia, Three


Universitas Indonesia (UI)

Cable TV

Indovision, First Media, Telkom Vision

Water Utility

Aetra Air (TPJ)

Electric Utility



Speedy, IM2 Prepaid, IM2 ipay