This service facilitates money transfer from one country to another by means of the draft, SWIFT (SWIFT Code: BNINIDJA), TT / Wire. Transfer to be done abroad in foreign currency that has a record of the exchange rate at the Bank Indonesia.


Provide security and speed in shipping / receiving money from / to abroad.

  • BNI has a bona fide network of correspondent banks in the cities business centers worldwide.
  • BNI has five branches operating abroad: Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, London danNew York.

Delivery Method:

  • Cover transfer abroad can be paid by:
  • Rupiah on the basis of the prevailing selling rate.
  • Foreign currency ex Giro
  • Bank Notes
  • Incoming transfers from abroad can be a telex (telegrafic transfer), payment orders, and draft.

Payment By Recipient

  • Cash dollars at the exchange rate prevailing buying branches.
  • Cash foreign currency (bank notes), along the bank / branch has inventory, credited to a checking account, Taplus rupiah and foreign currency deposits