BNI Emerald Saving

BNI Emerald Saving Deposit Premium is the special and exclusive range of facilities provided to individuals who have funds at BNI with an average cumulative balance of 3 (three) months minimum of Rp1 billion.


  • Saving equipped with BNI Emerald Card, Emerald and services BNI e-Banking services are ready to help you 24 hours 7 days a week.
  • Unlike ordinary savings, transfers your account will be sent in the form of bank account statements to the address you want.
  • To increase the flexibility of your financial transactions, inter-account transfer transactions through BNI ATM can be made ??up to Rp 100 million per day.
  • Shopping with BNI Emerald Card will also be a special experience for you, because BNI Emerald Card comes with a shopping transaction limit per day up to Rp25 million at selected merchants with MasterCard or Maestro.


  • Individual customers.
  • Has a self identity and fill out account opening and BNI Emerald Card.
  • Doing initial deposit of at least 5 million for new customers.
  • Have funds under management in Third Party Funds (TPF) / Investments / Insurance with an 3 (three) months average balance minimum of Rp 1 billion or its equivalent.
For further information, please visit or contact BNI Branch, BNICall at 500 046 or Emerald BNI Call  at 500098. You also may submit a request for membership and other information via email to .