Code of Ethics

PT Bank Negara Indonesia strives to carry out Good Corporate Governance principles in business operation as desired by entire corporate stakeholders. In realizing it, BNI owns a Code of Conduct (CoC) which is called Code of Conduct of BNI. CoC is company’s internal guidelines consists of ethics assessment system, business ethics, work ethics, commitment and company’s regulations enforcement for BNI people either in performing business and other activities or in interacting with corporate stakeholders. Code of Conduct of BNI firstly was stipulated by Board of Directors Number DIR/285 on August 10th, 2011 and called of Code of Conduct of Bank BNI.

To accelerate the achievement of the vision, BNI revitalized by conducting a review of Bank BNI Code of Conduct. In the line with the call name “Bank BNI” became “BNI” subsequently altered to Code of Conduct of BNI or abbreviated to CoC BNI. The intentions and objectives of the revitalization of the Code of BNI include, firstly, to improve the ethics guidelines for all BNI people in performing business activities and to promote understanding and awareness of BNI people in applying GCG principles. Secondly, as criteria of assessing whether an individual obeys or disobeys company rules. Thirdly, identify standards and ethics in corporate to match with corporate vision and mission. CoC implementation is expected to create a encouraging working atmosphere for BNI people and also to establish a solid teamwork.

On this fortunate opportunity, I expect the entire BNI people wherever he/she exists to be guided and carry out CoC sincerely and consistently, especially in performing daily task so our beloved bank’s vision and mission to be materialized

Jakarta, 1 December 2010

                                        Peter B. Stok                                                                                         Gatot M. Suwondo

                               President Commisioner                                                                              President Director