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BNI Griya

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bni griya

Is a credit facility to :

  • Purchase of residential houses, apartments, flats, shop/shop house, rest houses (villas), and the purchase of lots / land ripe in real estate construction is financed by the BNI.
  • Construction / renovation.
  • Refinancing.
  • Take Over


  • Minimum and maximum loan of Rp15 million Rp 5 billion


  • Free to choose the location of houses / plots dream.
  • Flexible, the maximum payment period of 20 years or adjusted to the ability of payment.


  • Indonesian citizen.
  • Fixed-income, working period of at least 2 years.
  • Minimum age 21 years and at age 55 credits is paid off, especially retirees age 65 credit is paid off.
  • Self-financing at least 10% of the price of the house the following land to be financed and self-financing can be a land that has been owned.
  • Fill out the form and complete supporting documents.

Requirements Document

Document Types Jobholder Professional Employers / Entrepreneurs
FC KTP (Husband Wife) X X X
FC Family Card X X X
FC Marriage Certificate (if married) X X X
Personal TIN FC / SPT PPh 21 (If the loans above 50 million) X X X
FC 3 recs Last Month X X X
Original Certificate of Employment & Salary X X
FC Professional Practice Permits X
FC Legality Business / Business License / Certificate of Enterprises (Certificate of Establishment / AD-ART, SIUP, TIN, SITU / SKDU & TDP) Company of Local Government. X
Pas Foto 4x6 (applicant: Husband / Wife) X X X
FC Document Security X X X
FC Financial Statements last 2 years X
bni griya
Biaya-biaya BNI Griya
Jenis Biaya Nominal Biaya
Propisi 1% dari maksimal kredit eenmalig
Administrasi Rp 500.000,-
Asuransi Jiwa, Asuransi kebakaran ditentukan kemudian
Appraisal dan Notaris ditentukan kemudian

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