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Bulk Payment

We understand how busy your business can get, hence your need to settle your payment obligations in a timely and efficient manner. The solution we’d like to offer is our Bulk Payment feature, which assists you in conducting electronic fund transfers from a BNI account to a number of other accounts, be it with BNI or another local bank.

Advantages :

  • It will assist you in managing obligations to your business partners, specifically bulk transactions, as it can be solved instantly by using a one-time transaction execution process.
  • Simplifies and expedites the third-party obligation payment process, as transactions can be completed through BNI’s front end Corporate Internet Banking service (BNIDirect).
  • The process of settling payments (especially bulk obligations) can be completed in accordance with the obligation’s deadline, in order to optimize the use of the company’s available funds.

Facilities :

  • The sender or recipient of the funds has to complete the transaction in the same currency, either from IDR to IDR or from identical foreign currencies.
  • The uploaded file format can be in the form of Fix Length (TXT), Semicolon, Delimiter @, or CSV with a fixed data structure.
  • Bulk Payment instructions can be scheduled or done immediately (forward value / standing instruction). Scheduled payments are available in 5 (five) time slots/sessions.

For more information, please contact :

Service Action Team (SAT) Transactional Banking Services

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