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Export (LC and Non LC)

BNI Taplus

BNI provides export services such as :

  • LC Advising & Amendment.
  • LC Transfer.
  • LC Confirmation.
  • Export Draft Negotiation.
  • Export Draft Discount.
  • LC based Documentary Collection.
  • Non LC based Outward Documentary Collection.

The benefits of channeling your export transactions through BNI are :

  • Export LC issued from banks from all over the world are acceptable through BNI’s extensive global correspondent network.
  • In accordance with our “Same Day Service” (BNI’s SLA commitment), negotiation and/or discount on export draft can be processed on the same day, as long as the requirements have been met.
  • Advisory services with our Trade Finance Officer (TFO), providing tailored solutions to meet the needs of your export transactions.
  • Centralized export documents delivery through Export Bill Collection Services (EBCS) in collaboration with the world leading courier services.
  • A tracking facility that helps you monitor your export bills.

Requirements :

  • The exporter must be registered as BNI customer.
  • Submitting the application for export bills takeover.
  • Submitting the original export documents.
  • A risk assessment on the transaction that is about to happen has been carried out.

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