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BNI Go Green

Presently, the world is haunted by possible climate change consequences, including environment damages, caused by human activity. BNI took proactive steps to help rehabilitate the environment, manifested in BNI Go Green. BNI Go Green program embodies BNI’s mission to increase awareness and responsibility for the environment and society. BNI’s concern for the environment is motivated by the need for environmental preservation to ensure human survival and business continuity.

To actualize this spirit, BNI promotes four compasses of sustainability in support of corporate sustainability, such as nature, society, wellbeing, and economy. The four compasses are internalized within business and support units that serve as a reference to design environmentally friendly banking products and services.

Internally, BNI promotes improvement of employee knowledge capacity, from employee gree attitude, energy saving actions, to training on accounting for environmental and social risks in analyzing loan advisability. BNI also provides retail products and services that support green living, such as KPR Hijau, BNI-WWF credit cards, Orangutan Adoption and tree-planting features, as well as paperless banking services (e-billing, formless transfer)

Externally, BNI consistently implements environmental preservation programs for forestry and non-forestry categories, including energy renewal programs, through CSR and commercial credit cooperation. BNI also funds its clients’ environmentally conscious projects, such as geothermal, biomass, biogas, hydro,and waste management, in addition to establishing a perennial nursery that aims to produce one million plants in Sentul Bogor, as well as forest and park rehabilitation in several Indonesian cities.

Corporate sustainability practices create added value for BNI positions and corporate identity. Through BNI’s corporate sustainability values, BNI pursues long-term sustainable values for stakeholders while still focusing on nature and social continuity. BNI has published sustainability reports since 2009 to describe BNI efforts in implementing sustainability principles.