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Kampoeng BNI

Kampoeng BNI is BNI Partnership and Community Development seminal program, establish to address issues, such as stimulating economic welfare, poverty alleviation, and environmental rehabilitation. Conceptually, Kampoeng BNI is aligned with community development principles, as it promotes feature and signature products specific to each region.

Kampoeng BNI program is channeled through distribution of soft loans, implemented using a cluster system all across Indonesia. Additionally, BNI provides community development support to sustain community empowerment in Kampoeng BNI through provision of training, assistance, infrastructure, and product promotion of partners in training. The goal is to develop entrepreneurial potentials and elevate public welfare in Indonesia, especially in rural areas.

There are presently 21 Kampoeng BNI all across Indonesia that are divided into three main sectors: creative industry, food sustainability, and maritime.

Kampoeng BNI food sustainability sector areas include Lumajang and Pujon; Kampoeng BNI creative industry sector areas include Kampoeng BNI Batik Tulis Lasem, Kampoeng BNI Tenun Sumsel, Kampoeng BNI Tenun Pandai Sikek, and Kampoeng BNI Wisata Borobudur Magelang. Kampoeng BNI fisheries sector areas include Kampoeng BNI Muara Angke and Kampoeng BNI Nelayan Brondong Lamongan.