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Stock/Bond Information

Bonds Currency Issuance Date Maturity Date Par Value Tenor (Month) Coupon/Discount Rate Ratings Rating Agency Issuance Main Purpose
The Shelf Registration of the 2017 BNI Bonds I Phase I IDR 11 July 2017 11 July 2022 3,000,000,000,000 60 8% AAA Pefindo Funds raised, after being deducted with emission fees, will be used for the company's business purposes, especially loan expansion.
The 2018 BNI Subordinated Medium Term Notes (MTN) I IDR 10 August 2018 10 August 2023 100,000,000,000 60 8% AAA Pefindo Fund raised will be used for the Company to strengthen Additional Capital (Tier 2) and working capital in accordance with business expansion based on Regulation of Financial Service Authority.
Additional Tier 1 Perpetual Non-Cumulative Capital Securities USD 24 September 2021 Perpetual 600,000,000 - 4.30% Ba3 Moody's Bank bermaksud untuk menggunakan dana hasil penerbitan ini untuk menjadi penambah Modal Inti Tambahan, menjadi sumber pendanaan umum untuk memperkuat basis permodalan, distribusi kredit, dan untuk mengoptimalkan komposisi struktur pendanaan jangka panjang.
Tier 2 Subordinated Notes (BNI Tier 2 Capital Bond 2021) USD 30 March 2021 30 March 2026 500,000,000 60 3.75% Ba2BB Moody's Fitch The company intends to use the net proceeds from its issue of Notes for its funding and general corporate purposes.