BNI Tennis Open 2019 – The National Tennis Players Ready to Show Off in BNI Tennis Open 2019, Competing for SEA Games 2019 Tickets

BNI Tennis Open 2019 – The National Tennis Players Ready to Show Off in BNI Tennis Open 2019, Competing for SEA Games 2019 Tickets

Jakarta, 18 November 2019 --- The national players began to show off and fight each other in the "BNI Tennis Open 2019" tournament which was rolling at the The Sultan Hotel Jakarta tennis court, 18-22 November. The championship which is joined by 140 tennis athletes, became the last trial ahead of SEA Games 2019 is held by PT Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) together with the Indonesian Tennis Association Center Management (PP Pelti).  

"The BNI Tennis Open will be a regular event that is held once a year and is ongoing. This is good news for all of us, especially athletes, to be able to continue to train and hone their abilities. We hope the target of 2 gold medals can be achieved at SEA Games 2019 in Manila Philippines," said the Chairperson of PP Pelti, Rildo Ananda Anwar at The Sultan Hotel, Jakarta, Monday (18/11/2019).

Responding to this, the Vice President Director of BNI, Herry Sidharta agreed to continue to assist PP Pelti in improving the achievements of tennis athletes. Moreover, there is a Presidential Instruction related to SOEs to must be involved in helping sports in Indonesia. One of the sports chosen by BNI is tennis because it is a favorite sport and has good opportunities.

"We are ready to help and support tennis both in terms of coaching facilities, even if necessary, BNI Tennis Open should be held twice a year because if the championship frequency is actually lacking, how will our athletes want to advance. There should be more tournaments or competitions they participate in. "The champion must have many national and international tournaments, moreover they have a ranking and it must be maintained," said Herry.

In his opinion, tennis is currently experiencing rapid progress. This national tournament is also a continuation of the tennis coaching program that was carried out previously through BNI Tennis Junior. They hope to provide a platform for broader and competitive matches. Pelatnas tennis players must also be able to prepare and warm up and evaluate ahead of SEA Games 2019 in order to win the gold medal, and for other tennis players to show their best ability to win in this competition. 

Not only the National Tennis Players, BNI tennis players also show off, one of them, Vita Mediana Taher, claimed to be ready to give the best results in this tournament. This 24-year-old woman play in the women's single and double number in pairs with Bella Destriana.

"My target is playing as well as possible because all the national training players dropped, even though I was also a former national training athlete before. But I quit because in 2016 I had a knee injury and is now a BNI athlete with 9 other friends," said Vita who is now undergoing her education at BNI.

She admits as a national player with a women's double partner, Aldila Sutjiadi, had won a gold medal at the National Sports Week (PON) 2016 in West Java. He was enthusiastic about BNI Tennis Open which will be held every year. Thus, there is hope and opportunity to be able to show skills and exist again by bringing the name of BNI to become a champion. 

BNI Tennis Open Tournament with the total prize of Rp 250 million becomes a magnet for Indonesia's top players, both male and female, to enliven the tournament included in the official PP Pelti (TDP) calendar. It also includes Pelatnas tennis players who is prepared to represent Merah Putih team at SEA Games 2019. Participants will also compete for points that will affect the national rankings. 

Pelatnas inhabitants such as Christopher ‘Christo’ Rungkat, Muhammad Rifqi Fitriadi, Ari Fahresi and brothers David Agung Susanto and Anthony Susanto at men’s group. While at women’s group there are Aldila Sutjiadi, Beatrice Gumulya, Jessy Rompies and Priska Madelyn Nugroho.


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