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BNI Dollar

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Deposits in foreign currencies (USD/SGD/AUD) which have a more stable and secure exchange rate and provide various facilities for transactions.


  • Attractive interest rates of foreign currency savings are calculated on daily balances basis.
  • Competitive and lightweight monthly administration fees.
  • Opening accounts on behalf of individuals and companies as well as joint accounts (fellow individuals/fellow companies).
  • Currency options in opening an account are USD, SGD, AUD.
  • Individual customers are provided with savings book and BNI Valas ATM card.
  • Corporate Customers are delivered monthly with bank account that can be printed at any time, according to the Customer's request.
  • BNI Dollar customers who have BNI rupiah account, are given access to transactions on BNI Internet Banking.
  • Your BNI Dollar funds can be pledged as collateral to obtain credit.


  • Individual customers are given a BNI Dollar book to facilitate monitoring of transaction mutations.
  • BNI Dollar funds deposit can be made in cash (IDR or Forex), book-entry, remittance/transfer or with traveler checks.
  • BNI Dollar funds book transfer can be done anywhere and anytime through BNI Internet Banking.
  • BNI Dollar funds withdrawal online at all outlets and withdrawing rupiah with BNI Valas Cards in all BNI ATMs.
  • Cash withdrawal can be done in Rupiah, USD, SGD or other Foreign Currencies as long as it is available at the outlet.


  • Have personal identity (KTP/SIM/Passport) for Indonesian Citizens.
  • Have Permanent/Temporary Resident Permit Card (KITAP/KITAS/KMS) for Foreign Citizens.
  • Fill in BNI Dollar application form and make an initial deposit.
Minimum initial deposit USD/SGD/AUD 100.
Next minimum deposit (at Teller counter) USD/SGD/AUD 5.
Minimum balance USD/SGD/AUD 100.

BNI Debit Card limit transaction

- Cash withdrawal

Maximum equivalent to Rp. 10 Million (for USD and SGD).


- Account closing

- Account management fee

- Prime card fee

- Card substitution fee

- Fee below the minimum balance






BNI Dollar USD Interest rates

Tiering Balance Interest Rate (%) p.a
Up to USD 100 0.00%
> USD 100 to ≤ USD 10,000 0.10%
> USD 10,000 0.25%

Effective since March 12, 2021.

BNI Dollar SGD Interest rates

Tiering Balance Interest Rate (%) p.a
Up to SGD 100 0.00%
> SGD 100 0.25%

Effective since March 12, 2021.

Bunga BNi Dollar AUD

Tiering Balance Interest Rate (%) p.a
All Tiering Balance 0.00%