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BNI Multiguna Voucher

BNI Multiguna Voucher is Travellers Cheque rupiah in lieu of cash is practical for anyone, especially the tourists, businessmen, traders and professionals who often travel out of town.


  • As the rupiah Travellers Cheque
  • As a means of gifts / vouchers are impressive, both for the giver and receiver
  • As a means of payment shopping
  • More ensure certainty of payment, because the attraction of bank is Bank BNI
  • Easy and practical to carry, as well as reducing the risk of cash theft


  • You simply fill out the purchase application form and deposit some money in accordance with the desired denomination
  • Can be purchased and cashed in all branches of BNI in an easy way
  • Can be purchased by customers and non customers BNI
  • Nominal Multipurpose Vouchers :
    • Roses series for fractions Rp 100,000.-, Rp 500,000.- and Rp 1,000,000.-
    • Paddle series for fractions Rp 2,500,000 and Rp 5,000,000.-
    • Borobudur series for fractions Rp 10,000,000.- and Rp 25,000,000.-