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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

BNI Debit Online

BNI Debit Online (VCN)

  1. What is BNI Debit Online ?
    BNI Debit Online is an innovation model of payment that is easy, safe and convenient for online shopping transactions at Online Merchant. The mechanism is to use a Virtual Card Numbers (VCN) in lieu of the original number BNI Debit Card with MasterCard logo, where the source of the funds come from savings / current account individual BNI customer.
  2. What is VCN ?
    VCN (Virtual Card Number) is a BNI Debit Online information data in the form of 16-digit virtual card number, expiry date (mm / yy) and 3 digit cvc number. The information obtained via SMS received from the Customer's Request VCN activities through BNI SMS Banking channel or other channels in the future. And then, VCN can be used in the column of the online merchant payment page which contained the MasterCard logo.
  3. What are the features and benefits of VCN ?
    1. Customers can conduct online transactions (e-commerce) securely, without the anxiety over the possible risk of losses caused by cyber fraud using BNI Debit Online VCN (in this case, the customer does not use the original number of debit card when transacting online, as well as the original number of debit card customers' awake confidential)
    2. VCN is only valid for a limited time, thereby reduce the risk of customer data theft
    3. VCN also enables customers to set financial / budget online shopping transactions because the current activities of the VCN Request. The Customer can define the limits / limit the maximum transaction amount of each VCN published / in-request
  4. What Requirements Having BNI Debit Online ?
    1. Customers who have a savings / current account BNI individuals for the following types :
      • BNI Taplus
      • BNI Taplus Bisnis
      • BNI Taplus Muda
      • BNI Emerald Saving
      • BNI Giro Perorangan
      with BNI Debit Card MasterCard logo
    2. Register & Activation BNI SMS Banking at the BNI branch office nearest
    3. Doing Request VCN via BNI SMS Banking
  5. How to Request BNI Debit Online (VCN) ?
    VCN Request can be done through the BNI SMS Banking with several alternatives as follows :
    1. VCN Request via SMS Syntax
      Type sms BELIVIRTUALCARDNUMBER[Nominal] and send it to number 3346, (picture 1). Then you will receive a reply SMS by typing commands 2 digit random corresponding PIN number, (picture 2). You will get back a reply SMS in the form of Virtual Card Numbers (VCN) which consists of 16 digits VCN, valid thru (months / years), 3 digit CVC2, (picture 3).
    2. VCN Request via BNI USSD (call/dial *141#)
      Telkomsel provider in access : *141*1#
      Indosat & XL provider in access : *141*2#
      After doing access to the above, the following sequence of steps to Request VCN follows :
      • Select "e-Commerce"
      • Select "e-Payment "
      • Select "BNI Debit Online (VCN)"
      • Enter the digits Nominal limit of BNI Debit Online (VCN), note:without Rp, comma, and point
      • Enter the 2 digit Pin Challenge BNI SMS Banking
      • SMS notification will be sent to Your Mobile (as the picture one step to 3)
    3. VCN Request via BNI SMS Banking Menu Apps.
      Can be download on Android, IOS and Blackberry device platform
  6. How long VCN valid ?
    VCN is valid for 1 (one) week after the VCN request is successful.
  7. How many times a transaction from a VCN can be used ?
    1 (one) transaction each VCN published.
  8. What about my balance when VCN Request ?
    VCN Request process did not debit or block account fund balance of the Customer for the amount of nominal limits set from the VCN request.
  9. Cost to VCN Request via BNI SMS Banking ?
    Customers are charged only for SMS-party provider for customers that reduce pulse prepaid card or charged to the monthly bill for postpaid card subscribers (in this case, comply BNI SMS Banking term & condition).
  10. I failed to VCN Request. Any chances ?
    1. The command syntax for the SMS VCN Request typewritten by the customer has not really appropriate
    2. Pulse your mobile phone is insufficient
    3. You have not yet Activation BNI SMS Banking.
    4. BNI Debit Card from savings / current accounts of individuals BNI are not with MasterCard.
  11. In which online merchant can be used BNI Debit Online ?
    BNI Debit Online gives freedom of online shopping transactions at online merchants anywhere in the world that accepts MasterCard.
  12. How can I process online transactions with BNI Debit Online ?
    1. Customer complete the selection of the online merchant products to be purchased and checked out,
    2. Then select the payment method by using the BNI Debit Online or Credit Card.
    3. After you make a payment that is by entering the 16-digit virtual card number, Valid Thru (mm / yy) and 3 digit CVC number that you request via BNI SMS Banking
    4. If the transaction is successful, the balance amount is cut/debit in the nominal value of online shopping transactions you (in this case, not from nominal VCN Request).
  13. What about my balance if the transaction fails ?
    No cutting / debiting of the outstanding balance if the transaction fails.
  14. Can I give VCN to others ?
    You can give a BNI Debit Online (VCN) to your relatives or associates.
  15. Who can I contact for further explanation of BNI Debit Online ?
    BNI branch office nearest or BNI Call : (021) 1500046