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BNI Internet Banking

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BNI Internet Banking

To improve services to customers and to meet customer needs, BNI Internet Banking comes with increasingly complete features. From scheduled and recurring transfers, transaction mutations for the last 6 months, Deposit/Taplus/Tapenas account opening, personalizing your homepage, m-secure or token application on smartphone, mobile version access and various other services that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Even more interesting, the Personal Financial Management feature in BNI Internet Banking allows you to make financial planning according to your needs, complete with automatic deposit scheduling, and also allows you to monitor cash flow and fund expense/inflow trends in graphical form.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Can be accessed via PC/Laptop and Mobile phone/Smartphone by typing BNI Internet Banking URL address at or access website BNI ( and Select Login menu.
  • Can make fund transfer transaction with a transaction limit of up to 1 billion in 1 day, multiple transfers, scheduled transfers & recurring transfers.
  • Can open account (Taplus, Deposito and Tapenas), BNI Debit Card blocking, renewal of monthly/time deposit for Tapenas, and Deposit withdrawal.
  • There is favorite transaction link, scheduled transaction calendar information, foreign exchange rates, etc.
  • Has 2 financial transaction authorization tools namely BNI e-Secure or BNI m-Secure.
  • Uses 3 authorizations when logging into BNI Internet Banking, namely, USER ID, Password and Captcha and already have virtual keyboard to avoid keylogger practices.
  • Can make financial planning and monitoring its development.
  • Can monitor cash flow graphs, budget realization of expenditure items, and nominal composition of various expenditure items and income.
  • Can transfer BNI account between the same currency or from USD/SGD to IDR.
  • Transaction notification can be in the form of email and SMS.

Safe Way of Having Transaction via BNI Internet Banking

  • BNI e-Secure/m-Secure are only used for financial transactions or data change. BNI never asks to synchronize BNI e-Secure/m-Secure on BNI Internet Banking Customer screen.
  • The figure below is an example of fraud action called token synchronization which asks you to input your BNI e-Secure/m-Secure. If you find this, STOP THE TRANSACTION and immediately contact BNI Call at 1500046 or 68888. Example of fraud action called Token Synchronization
  • To anticipate similar cases but in the form of other malware, STOP the transaction if you are asked to enter your BNI e-Secure/m-Secure PIN out of the ordinary transaction with BNI Internet Banking and immediately contact BNI Call at 1500046 or 68888 via handphone.
  • Ensure the computer you use is clean from malware, virus/worm, trojan or spyware. Avoid to access BNI Internet Banking from internet café or any network/computer whose Avoid email attachment from any unknown sender or to download unofficial content or access to adult sites that have the potential to transmit malware, virus/worm, trojan or spyware to your computer or tablet/smartphone.
  • Make sure you access BNI Internet Banking via BNI Internet Banking official address site at and click login button, or go directly to BNI Internet Banking login page at or from bookmark/favourite menu in your browser. BNI Internet Banking official address
  • Beware of fraudulent efforts in the name of bank officers/BNI officers by telephone, fax or email asking for personal data including Internet Banking password, BNI e-Secure/m-Secure PIN, and One Time Password (OTP) sent via SMS/E-mail, because BNI officer will not ask for it.
  • Use virtual keyboard facility when typing your password to avoid information theft (keylogger).
  • When transferring, make sure the name and account number of the destination recipient are correct.
  • Ensure that you have logged out when leaving your computer, even if only for a moment.
  • Keep confidential your BNI Internet Banking password and your BNI e-Secure PIN and regularly change your BNI Internet Banking password.
  • If you find anything unusual when accessing BNI Internet Banking webpage, immediately stop your transaction and contact BNI Call at 1500046 or 68888.
BNI Internet Banking

An easy way for BNI customers to become BNI Internet Banking Users, is to register via BNI ATM, or Online at BNI Internet Banking site or via BNI Branch Offices.

BNI Internet Banking Registration Process via BNI ATM

On BNI ATM screen, enter "e-Channel Registration" menu, complete the steps :

  • Select “BNI Internet Banking”.
  • Make your own PIN number (6 digits).
  • After you successfully register at BNI ATM, you will get a registration receipt from BNI ATM.

Activation process after registration at BNI ATM

  • After registration at ATM, make activation by re-accessing BNI Internet Banking URL address and Select the Activation menu (click "Click Here button").
  • After activation, BNI Internet Banking service can be used for non-financial transaction, such as balance check, account mutation and billing information.
  • To be able to do financial transactions, such as transfers, bill payments and credit top up, please come to the nearest BNI branch to activate the financial transaction service.
BNI Internet Banking
FEATURE Limit (Rp) Fee per Transaction (Rp) Description
/Transaction /Day
Transfer Between BNI 1 M 1 M - -
Inter Bank Transfer
Online (ATM Kerjasama) 10 million 25 million 6,500 -
RTGS 1 M 1 M 25,000 Minimum nominal transaction of Rp 100,000,001
Clearing 500 million 500 million 5,000 -
Purchase of Mobile Phone Credit 1 million 20 million - For Telkomsel, administration fee of Rp 1.500
Go-Pay Purchase 1 million 1 million 1,000 -
BNI Credit Card Accordance with the billing amount - -
Other Bank Credit Card Accordance with the billing amount 7,500 Charged to the next month’s billing or debited at payment.
Post Paid Telephone/Mobile phone According to billing amount - For Telkom/Speedy, fee Rp 2,500
Electricity According to billing amount 3.000 -
Water (PDAM) According to billing amount 2,500 -
Multifinance/Personal Loan According to billing amount - For ACC Finance & Adira Finance, fee of Rp 7,500; for SMS Finance, Rp 5,000
Insurance According to billing amount - -
Subscription TV/Internet According to billing amount - -
Airline & KAI Tickets According to billing amount - For Garuda, fee Rp 5,000
Top-up Agent According to billing amount - -
Tuition Fee According to billing amount - -
Zakat, Infaq, Shadaqoh According to billing amount - -
State Revenue According to billing amount - Tax/PNBP/Customs
Token Fee (first time) - 20,000 / 40,000 Adjusted to Customer’s mobile phone platform or for replacing damaged Token which is not due to Customer’s negligence
Token Substitution Fee - 120,000 If damaged due to Customer’s negligence