BNI supports IPB University, Encouraging for Campus Financial Ecosystem Acceleration through IPB Cashless Application

BNI supports IPB University, Encouraging for Campus Financial Ecosystem Acceleration through IPB Cashless Application

Bogor, 3 December 2021 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. (BNI) is increasingly aggressive in supporting digitalization on campuses. This time, BNI, which is nicknamed the Campus Bank, is collaborating with IPB University to create a cashless society through the Campus Financial Ecosystem.

BNI's focus this time is to provide customized digital banking transactions by implementing closed loop transactions in the campus environment, which can be utilized by the entire academic community of IPB University.

This was also realized between BNI and IPB University with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding for the Higher Education Ecosystem and several Cooperation Agreements which included IPB Cashless collaboration, distribution of BNI Flexion for Postgraduate Student Education for Masters/Doctoral students, Certified Internships, Early Recruitment Program and Empowerment of MSMEs of IPB Fostered Partners through BNI Edupreneur Program, Friday (3/12/2021).

On this occasion were present the Institutional Relations Director of BNI, Sis Apik Wijayanto, the Head of Institutional Relations 2 Division, Arya Prajaka, the Head of Small Business and Program Division, Sunarna Eka Nugraha, the Chancellor of IPB University, Arif Satria, the Vice Chancellor I, Drajat Martianto, the Vice Chancellor II, Agus Purwito, the Vice Chancellor III, Dodik Nurrochmat, the Vice Chancellor IV, Erika B. Laconi, as well as several Division Leaders and the IPB University academic community online.

Sis Apik said that this collaboration was the next step of BNI's partnership with IPB University. BNI and IPB have one common mission to become a pioneer of a cashless society among Indonesian youth. He believes that with the IPB Cashless feature on the IPB Student Mobile application, it is easier for students to make payment transactions in the campus environment by simply using one application.

"BNI continues to transform to provide the best solutions for educational institutions, in this era of digitalization, the role of universities is very much needed to fill the changes in business management that enter the digital era. The implementation of the Campus Financial Ecosystem at IPB University is expected to provide complete financial services and systems and integrated digital solutions in the form of Corporate Support, Cash Management Systems, Consumer Product Services and other IT solutions," said Sis Apik Wijayanto.

On this occasion, the Chancellor of IPB University, Arif Satria said the Campus Financial Ecosystem is a form of BNI innovation needed by IPB University Academic Community through integrated financial digitalization for the Campus of IPB University.

"This closed loop ecosystem will reach lecturers or teaching staff, staff, students, and more broadly, to student families and business actors within IPB University," he added.

Meanwhile, another BNI program for IPB University is BNI Flexi Pendidikan which is a solution for Masters/Doctoral students of IPB University who have worked and channeled their salaries through BNI.

With the grace period scheme, students only pay interest within 2 years and can make principal payments starting in the second year or the following year. In the field of student affairs, the Early Recruitment Program (ERP) is also running, which is a BNI recruitment program through the provision of scholarships to outstanding students of IPB University to become prospective employees of BNI.

In addition, BNI has also prepared BNI Edupreneur program as a special forum for financing in the form of KUR or People's Business Credit for entrepreneurs, both active students, alumni, lecturers, and SMEs within IPB University environment.

The hope is that with the closer cooperation between BNI and IPB University, in the future, BNI can always provide support to universities in order to advance and improve the education quality in Indonesia. On this occasion, BNI provided Rectorate Building Renovation Assistance and Fresh Botanical Development for IPB as part of BNI Berbagi Program.

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