BNI Gives Tesla Luxury Electric Car to Loyal Customers

BNI Gives Tesla Luxury Electric Car to Loyal Customers

Jakarta, 5 March 2022 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. (BNI) continues to organize attractive programs for loyal customers to be able to continue to maintain the performance of fundraising and mobile Banking this year. One of them is the BNI Fortune Lottery program #GaPakeNanti which has been taking place from 1 August 2021 to 31 January 2022.

The BNI #GaPakeNanti lucky draw program consists of two types, namely the Regular Lottery Program which is participated by all BNI Savings customers with a grand prize of 2 (two) units of Tesla Model 3 and the Entrepreneurial Lottery which is participated by BNI Taplus Bisnis customers with a grand prize of 2 (two) units of Toyota Hilux Double Cabin, besides that there are also 17 units of Toyota Raize Turbo cars and 100 units of All New Honda PCX motorcycles.

Customers who have transacted with BNI Debit Cards and BNI Mobile Banking and continue to increase their savings balances will automatically get a number of BNI POIN+ which can be exchanged for Lottery Coupons. The total lottery coupons collected during the program period are 19 million regular lottery coupons and 1 million Entrepreneur lottery coupons.

The draw was held on 21 February 2022 and aired on Trans7 and Detikcom on 4 March 2022. The draw was conducted by BNI's Director of Consumer Business, Corina Leyla Karnalies and witnessed by officials from the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Social Service, Notaries and the Police.

The names of the winners can be seen on BNI’s website or The BNI Lucky Draw event #GaPakeNanti was hosted by Ayu Dewi and Rian Ibram and was enlivened by an exciting collaboration from Soundwave, Weird Genius, Alffy Rev, Lyodra, Ndarboy Genk, Andhika Pratama, Rigen, Luna Maya, and Saykoji.

Corina said the BNI Fortune Lottery Program #GaPakeNanti has encouraged BNI business growth during 2021. Third party funds grew 15.5% annually with low-cost funds as the first growth contributor, which was up 17.1% on an annual basis. Mobile Banking transactions grew around 45 % on an annual basis, while digital savings account openings increased by around 375%. "We appreciate all customers for their loyalty and trust in BNI. Congratulations also to the winners. For BNI customers who have not been lucky, continue to increase your transactions with BNI Debit Cards and BNI Mobile Banking," she said.

Corina continued that this year BNI has various other interesting customer appreciation programs. BNI is also proactive in increasing the number of partners and service features in mobile Banking so that the convenience of customer transactions can be guaranteed. "For those who don't have a BNI savings account, let's download BNI Mobile Banking now and open a BNI savings account, just take a selfie. Look forward to exciting surprises from the next BNI programs," she said.


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