Supporting Electric Vehicle Ecosystem, PLN and BNI Collaborate to Expand the Reach of SPKLU

Supporting Electric Vehicle Ecosystem, PLN and BNI Collaborate to Expand the Reach of SPKLU

Jakarta, 27 April 2022 -- PT PLN (Persero) collaborated with PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. (stock code: BBNI) in providing infrastructure for public electric vehicle charging stations (SPKLU) in the country. This step is to succeed the government's program in accelerating the formation of the Battery-Based Electric Motor Vehicle (KBLBB) ecosystem in Indonesia.

The collaboration was marked by the signing of a Cooperation Agreement (PKS) for the Provision of SPKLU Infrastructure in the BNI Area between PLN Commerce and Customer Management Director Bob Saril with BNI Corporate Banking Director Silvano Rumantir.

This strategic collaboration was witnessed by BNI Deputy President Director Adi Sulistyowati, BNI Service and Network Director Ronny Venir and PLN Finance and Risk Management Director Sinthya Roesly on 26 April, in Jakarta.

Representing PLN President Director Darmawan Prasodjo, Commerce and Customer Management Director of PLN, Bob Saril, explained that this collaboration is a continuation of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) related to support for the construction and development of SPKLU between PLN and BNI at the ETWG Presidency of the G20 Yogyakarta in March 2022.

"The collaboration between PLN and BNI is a form of synergy between SOEs in preserving the environment and supporting the government in pursuing the net zero emission target by 2060, by encouraging the energy transition through reducing carbon emissions in the transportation sector," he said.

In this collaboration, PLN and BNI will provide SPKLU infrastructure in BNI's areas. The provision of SPKLU in the BNI area begins with three units to be constructed in the Graha BNI Sudirman area, Jakarta, BNI Pejompongan Tower, Jakarta and the ITDC Nusadua area, Denpasar, Bali.

"We thank BNI for being willing to cooperate with PLN as the First Banking Party in the Investor Own Investor Operate (IO2) SPKLU Partnership in three locations and it is possible that there will be more BNI unit locations throughout Indonesia," Bob said.

Bob also hopes that this collaboration can be the first step for synergies to expand and develop other collaborations in the electric vehicle ecosystem. The movement of using electric vehicles in the future, which will be very massive because electric vehicles are more economical and more environmentally friendly, will bring Indonesia to become a superior nation and a developed nation with modern civilization.

Until March 2022, there have been 126 SPKLU units in Indonesia located in 97 locations in 48 cities in Indonesia. As a form of support to encourage the acceleration of the availability of battery-based motor vehicle charging infrastructure for electric motor vehicles, PLN also opens up opportunities for business entities to collaborate together to become a partnership in providing SPKLU.

"Currently PLN has two SPKLU Partnership Service schemes, namely the Partnership Sharing Economy Model which was launched in October 2021, and the latest Partnership Investor Own Investor Operate (IO2) scheme," he added.

To support the progress of SPKLU, PLN has also provided Charge.IN application which can be accessed on PLN Mobile as a platform for using EV Chargers in charging electricity to KBLBB. The presence of these various service products is expected to encourage the public not to hesitate to use KBLBB with the benefits they get.

The First SPKLU Partnership Bank

Through the signing of this Cooperation Agreement, BNI becomes the first bank to use the latest SPKLU provision partnership scheme from PLN, namely the Investor Owned SPKLU Investor Operate Model partnership. Through this scheme, PLN acts as the owner of the SPKLU business, and the partner as the business partner.

The SPKLU IO2 model partnership scheme consists of three packages, namely Medium Charger Package, Fast Charger Package, and Ultra Fast Charger Package. With this program, PLN provides easy ownership services as well as licensing management for partners to be able to run a business and improve the SPKLU ecosystem.

"In this case, BNI will appoint a BNI partner who is also an affiliated company with BNI. The company has the competence to manage SPKLU," said BNI Deputy President Director Adi Sulistyowati, who is familiarly called Susi.

In her opinion, BNI continues to increase its role in supporting the government's program, namely the clean energy transition, this is also in line with the theme that will be brought by the government in this year's G20 event where Indonesia is the host.

"This step is a tangible manifestation of BNI together with PLN to support the national energy transition, from fossil fuel-based energy to low-carbon and environmentally friendly energy sources, namely electrical energy," Susi added.
About PLN

PT PLN (Persero) is a state-owned electricity company that continues to commit and innovate to carry out a great mission to illuminate and move the country. Having a vision to become the leading electricity company in Southeast Asia, PLN is moving to become the customer's number 1 choice for Energy Solutions. PLN carries the Transformation agenda with the aspirations of Green, Lean, Innovative, and Customer Focused to bring electricity for a better life. PLN can be contacted through PLN Mobile application available on PlayStore or AppStore.

About BNI

PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI was founded on 5 July 1946 and became the first state-owned bank that was born after Indonesia's independence. BNI had functioned as a central bank and commercial bank as stated in the Government Regulation in Lieu of Law no. 2/1946, before finally operating as a commercial bank since 1955.

As of December 2021, BNI has 2,255 domestic outlets spread across 34 provinces and 420 regencies/cities as well as 7 overseas outlets spread across various countries. BNI has 23 Commercial Business Centers (SBK), 27 SME Business Centers (SBE), and 12 Consumer Loan Centers (SKK). BNI also has Agen46 network (Branchless Banking) in 157,632 locations.

BNI now has 16,392 ATMs spread across 34 provinces and 521 districts/cities including 6 (six) ATMs overseas, namely 4 ATMs in Hong Kong and 2 ATMs in Singapore. The ATM network can also serve debit card transactions bearing the logos of GPN, Link, ATM Bersama, and Prima.

BNI as a holding company has 4 subsidiaries, namely BNI Multifinance (financing), BNI Life (insurance), BNI Remittance (remittances), and BNI Sekuritas (capital market). BNI Asset Management (Investment Manager) is a subsidiary of BNI Sekuritas.


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