BNI Distributes Emergency Response Aid, Lightens the Burden of North Tapanuli Earthquake Victims

BNI Distributes Emergency Response Aid, Lightens the Burden of North Tapanuli Earthquake Victims

Medan, 2 October 2022 -- An earthquake strucked North Tapanuli, North Sumatra on Saturday (1 October 2022). With a strength of M 5.8, this disaster caused casualties, dozens of people were injured, and around hundreds of houses, houses of worship and 22 roads were damaged.

In order to help the victims of the earthquake, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. or BNI is responsive in distributing social assistance. 

BNI Corporate Secretary Okki Rushartomo conveyed his condolences for the tragedy experienced by the residents of North Tapanuli and its surroundings.

"We hope that this assistance can ease the burden on the victims during the emergency response period. It is our responsibility as SOEs to uphold the values of MORAL," he said.

Meanwhile, the distribution of aid is coordinated through BNI Medan Region. The aid delivered was in the form of emergency needs and nine basic food items (Sembako). 

The aid was delivered by BNI Region 01 Medan, directly to the location of the Natural Disaster post as well as handing over basic food assistance for earthquake victims.

"Conditions in the disaster area are quite challenging. Because many shops selling basic necessities in North Tapanuli are closed, our aid is sent directly from Balige, or about three hours away by truck. The aid arrived (Sunday) this afternoon," said Okki.

Keep Operating
Okki added that BNI's service operations in North Tapanuli are still running normally, and are still able to serve the needs of community banking solutions. Electronic networks, especially automated teller machines (ATMs) in Tarutung are also still operating to meet customer transaction needs. 

On this occasion, Okki is also grateful that the BNI Hi-Movers family is in good health and is still able to provide services as well as help with social programs in North Tapanuli. 

"In this disaster, BNI is ready to support and work hand in hand with the local government to carry out recovery in North Tapanuli Regency," he said.


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