Two BNI-fostered MSMEs Won the Bangga Buatan Indonesia Award

Two BNI-fostered MSMEs Won the Bangga Buatan Indonesia Award

Jakarta, Wednesday (14/12/2022) -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. or BNI enlivened the Anugerah Bangga Buatan Indonesia (ABBI) 2022 event by involving partners of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) fostered by BNI.

Arcia Oil and 101 Coffee House MSMEs from West Kalimantan were the winners at the award ceremony, which is part of the Bangga Buatan Indonesia National Movement (Gernas BBI). Hadi Susanto's Arcia Oil MSME was included in the Beauty and Wellness category, while Siti Masitha's 101 Coffee House MSME was included in the culinary category.

The implementation of Gernas BBI cooperates with Ministries and Institutions as campaign managers, which work closely with local governments and the private sector to campaign for local products, especially MSMEs while encouraging the digitization of MSME entrepreneurs, Small and Medium Industries (SMIs), and artisans, where the Ministry of SOEs is trusted to be the organizer of ABBI 2022.

This aims to encourage MSME players to be able to upgrade and develop their business even bigger through the use of digital technology.

Siti Masitha said she is proud of her achievement in becoming a winner in this event. She hopes that her products can not only exist in the local market, but also internationally.

"Thank you to BNI. Hopefully it can provide social impact, especially for all coffee farmers, and this also makes the team proud, this is a very good moment, we hope that next it will be able to go to the international level," she said.

Meanwhile, Hadi Susanto revealed that products made in Indonesia are expected to compete in foreign markets so that they can grow and develop more widely.

"Thank you to all parties for this achievement, hopefully it can be even better and grow bigger," he said.

BNI SEVP Operations Fauzi added, this achievement is thanks to the cooperation of all parties who provide continuous assistance so that MSME players can be independent and successful.

According to him, empowering MSMEs is a journey so that various efforts must be made continuously and sustainably.

With the mandate as Indonesia's global bank, BNI conducts a program to develop the MSME segment to penetrate the export market. Increasing the capacity and capability of MSME players carried out by BNI is expected to continue to produce MSME champions who have the ability to compete in the global market.

"This is a momentum that will give us more enthusiasm to ensure that MSMEs rise and triumph again as one of the pillars of our country's economy," he said.



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