Digital Transformation Paid Off, BNI Achieves Predicate as Bank with Most Satisfactory Service

Digital Transformation Paid Off, BNI Achieves Predicate as Bank with Most Satisfactory Service

Jakarta, Wednesday (25/1/2023) -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI has once again positioned itself as a commercial bank that is able to provide excellent service (service excellence) to its customers through integrated digital development.

For this achievement, BNI was awarded as the bank with the best Core Capital Bank Group (KBMI) IV, namely the 1st Overall Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Engagement Index in the national banking industry.

The award was given by Infobank Magazine and Marketing Research Indonesia (MRI) at the "6th Infobank-MRI Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Engagement with Corporate Reputation Award 2023," at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta on Wednesday (25/1/2023).

BNI excels in all four survey categories including BNI engagement index #1, BNI loyalty index #2, BNI satisfaction index #2 and BNI marketing index #3. Meanwhile, the SLE 2023 survey was conducted by MRI to Indonesian banks to measure the level of experience, satisfaction, engagement, and its impact on sustainable customer loyalty.

BNI as a State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) bank won this prestigious award because it was considered the most successful in carrying out digital transformation through the development of digital networks and services and was able to meet the needs of its customers.

BNI Network & Services Director Ronny Venir disclosed, this achievement is BNI's commitment in providing the best service and digital solutions to all customers.

"BNI will continue to maximize services with the support of reliable information and technology infrastructure. Our main goal is to create customer satisfaction, loyalty and engagement," he said.

Ronny said, BNI also continues to facilitate customer business transactions through three champion products, namely BNIDirect, API Open Banking, and BNI Mobile Banking.

BNI Direct is present as an integrated solution for payment management, collection management, liquidity management, and value chain management services to facilitate transactions and businesses, especially corporate customers. While API Open Banking is here to make it easier for businesses to develop their digital business, and BNI Mobile Banking is the mainstay of individual and corporate customers in transacting without place and time constraints.

Digital Channel Transformation and Role HR

To improve customer experience, BNI has carried out a gradual digital transformation. In a customized manner, this customer experience is built through adjusting the format of digital-based BNI outlets by adjusting the location and characteristics of the outlet itself.

"BNI continues to develop its office network in serving the needs and maintaining and increasing customer trust. Face-to-face interaction is still required for comprehensive products," said Ronny.
In addition to transforming the network, BNI is also committed to reaching customers in areas that are not reached by outlets, through BNI Agen46.

BNI Agen46 has been present in blank spot areas and frontier, underdeveloped and outermost (3T) areas. BNI Agen46 has also been spread almost throughout Indonesia.

BNI's ability to achieve service achievements at the SLE award 2023, of course, is inseparable from the contribution of Human Resources (HR) in providing services and in producing the best products.

"We continue to improve competence and capability to produce reliable BNI Hi Movers who are able to face the challenges and demands of today and the future," he concluded.



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