Terbitkan Debit Card Co Brand BNI dan Garuda Satukan Fungsi Debit dan TapCash dalam Satu Kartu

Terbitkan Debit Card Co Brand BNI & Garuda Satukan Fungsi Debit & TapCash dalam Satu Kartu

BNI & Garuda Launched Co-Brand Debit Card
Integrating Debit & TapCash Functions in One Card

Jakarta, March 6, 2016 - PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk and PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) launched a feature-rich debit card BNI Garuda Co-Brand Debit Card, which functions as automated teller machine (ATM) card and electronic money similar to BNI TapCash. Moreover, the card functions as Garuda Frequent Flyer card, ensuring owners to always be updated with the latest Garuda or GarudaMiles points benefit.

The launch of BNI Garuda Co-Brand Debit Card was held in conjunction with BNI Indonesian Duets Project, a musical concert hosted by BNI in honor of BNI’s 70th anniversary at BNI area Java Jazz Festival 2016, Jakarta, Sunday (March 6, 2016). At the special concert, seven Indonesian singers—Marcell, Andien, Teza Sumendra, & Dira Sugandi, among others—invited music lovers to explore nostalgic Indonesian duet songs from the past.

BNI Consumer Banking Director Anggoro Eko Cahyo explained that BNI Garuda Co-Brand Debit Card was a breakthrough to follow the success of BNI and Garuda’s launch of BNI Garuda Credit Card in 2012. The launch of BNI Garuda Co-Brand Debit Card was a new innovation for both State Owned Enterprises (SOE) since their initial partnership on 1991, when BNI became Garuda Indonesia’s partner in the development of its national airline business. For BNI Garuda Co-Brand Debit Card, BNI uses Mastercard as card network service provider with international standard. BNI Garuda Co-Brand Credit Card, on the other hand, used VISA as the international card network service provider.

BNI Garuda Co-Brand Debit Card offers more unique privileges compared to other similar cards. Firstly, BNI Garuda Co-Brand Debit Card is a debit card with built-in electronic money function. Therefore, BNI and Garuda Indonesia customers can simply use one card to purchase various transportation tickets, such as Commuter Line and TransJakarta. This is possible because BNI Garuda Co-Brand Debit Card also functions as BNI TapCash, BNI’s electronic money product. BNI TapCash card also can be used for transactions at tollbooths, which, up to February 23, 2016, can be used at more than 55 tollbooths.

Customers may also enjoy Garuda Indonesia miles benefits when conducting transactions using BNI Garuda Co-Brand Debit Card. BNI Garuda Co-Brand Debit Card offer generous reward miles: one GarudaMiles point is given for every Rp 50.000 purchase, which can be collected and exchanged with a Garuda Indonesia flight ticket.

GarudaMiles can also be collected when using BNI Garuda Co-Brand Debit Card at merchants using BNI Electronic Data Capture (EDC), transactions on Garuda Indonesia website, as well as transactions through BNI e-channel (through SMS Banking, ATM, or BNI internet banking). Additionally, BNI Garuda Co-Brand Debit Card is the only card to offer Rp 500.000 cashback for the highest transaction nominal.

The cooperation between BNI and Garuda in launching the card has generated positive results for both companies. BNI-Garuda Co-Brand Credit Card Signature Card has seen 62% sales volume growth in 2015 compared to 2014, whereas its Platinum Card variant saw a 63% sales growth. The significant growth was also reflected on the number of BNI-Garuda Co-Brand Credit Card users. In 2014, the Platinum Card variant numbered 1.447 units, which has grown by 304% to 3.281 cards by the end of 2015.

According to Anggoro, the strength of BNI Garuda Co-Brand Debit Card is found on the Batik Gondo Suli pattern design. The Central Javanese batik pattern is worn by the palace’s friends, and portrays inexhaustible spirit. The message behind the batik pattern represents the spirit of BNI and Garuda Indonesia in its cooperation to provide the best services to the Indonesia public.

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