Dalijan and Kawit’s Dream to Return to Jakarta Realized on Pahlawan Day

Jakarta, 9 November 2017 --- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) again gives appreciation to Members of Veteran Legion of the Republic of Indonesia (LVRI). This is a form of the program initiated by Ministry of SOEs of the Republic of Indonesia in granting appreciation to veteran on PahlawanDay which falls on 10 November 2017, tomorrow.

The Corporate Secretary of BNI, Kiryantosaid, what has been done by BNI is to continuation of house renovation program for veteran conducted in the commemoration of Independence Day of Indonesia, on the last 17 August 2017.  This time, several veterans who obtain house renovation support will be given appreciation by BNI.

"As the form of appreciation, we will grant their desires. This is a humanism program for veterans. Some of them want to return to Jakarta to see the palace, some want to trace back their struggle and others. This is a form of appreciation from Ministry of SOEs of the Republic of Indonesia," saidKiryanto.

Those veterans legion will be asked what are their desires that have not been reached yet. The 2 veterans givensupport by BNI through this program are Pak Dalijanand Pak Kawit, two veterans come from Yogyakarta. Both conveyed their desires to visit Jakarta.

BNI then departed them this morning and arrived in Jakarta on the afternoon. Both of them directly taken for walk around the capital city. There are 2 special placed Pak Dalijan and Pak Kawitreally want to visit namely the streets to Monas and State Palace.

Amaze to See the Change of Jakarta

Pak Dalijan (77), who has not visited Jakarta for decades, admitted that he surprises and amazes to see the changes to the capital city. The most clearly is the face of Jakarta which there were not many storied buildings, now along the eyes can see are ranks of skyscrapers.

"Lastly I went to Jakarta in 1960. I surprised, Jakarta now is amazing. In the past, there was only 1 or 2 buildings, hotels, now there are hundreds. Jakarta now is amazing,” Pak Dalijan impressed when he arrived and walked around the capital city.

Pak Dalijanwho has attended the education in Naval Operation Command Corps (KKO AL) in Jakarta also surprised with the heavy traffic in Jakarta. He is happy and amazes at the same time and did not expect the change of Jakarta. "I am very happy and amaze. There were not so many vehicles at that time, I run from Gambirto Senen so fast because it was so close. Now, I wonder there are so many of these buildings,”Pak Dalijan added.

In addition to Pak Dalijan, Pak Kawit (94), another veteran who previously also got house renovation support from BNI admitted that he is very happy that he can visit Jakarta. The last time Pak Kawit visited Jakarta was in 1955.

"I am happy and very impressed with  Jakarta, the last time I came here in 1955, Jakarta was not yet looked like this. I am amazed although a little bit dizzy to see many cards and towering buildings,” said Pak Kawit.

Pak Dalijanwas born in Yogyakarta, on 06 August 1940. Pak Dalijanhas ever struggled in Trikorain 1962-1963, duty in Sorong in 1964-1965 and also crushed the G-30S/PKI rebellion. In 1971, Pak Dalijan duty in Battalion 5 Para before finally gor retired in 1988 in rank Sergeant Major.

Pak Kawitwas bornin Kulonprogo, Central Java, on  25 April 1923. In 1945, Pak Kawitstruggled in Japanese Army disarment in Yogyakarta, then in 1946 Pak Kawitjoined TentaraKeamanan Rakyat (TKR) inAmbarawaBattalion 075. Next he joined TRI (Tentara Rakyat Indonesia). In 1949-1965, Pak Kawit duty in Semarang and a year after he duty in Purworejo.

Thereafter, the activities of Pak Dalijanand Pak Kawitin Jakarta will be continued on the next day. Both of them will meet the Minister of SOEs, RiniSoemarno, at the Office of Ministry of SOEs.


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