BNI Campaigns To Buy MSME Products from Home

BNI Campaigns To Buy MSME Products from Home

Jakarta, 17 April 2020 --- "In the midst of Corona Virus outbreak, MSMEs can maximize online services". That was  President Joko Widodo’s message,19 March 2020, to answer the concerns and voices of MSMEs who were worried if they had to close their businesses and stay at home following the government's recommendations in implementing the Physical Distancing policy.

BNI invites its fostered partners who are members of Rumah Kreatif BUMN (RKB) to take advantage of online networks to maximize their products marketing through the Local Product Shopping from Home Program. BNI together with MSME partners of Rumah Kreatif BUMN conducted online marketing of RKB members’ MSME products with the #UntukUMKMIndonesia campaign.

The Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Director of BNI, Tambok P Setyawati in Jakarta, Thursday (16 April 2020) said, by buying MSME products from BNI RKB, the community indirectly helps home industry operators to stay afloat amid Covid-19 pandemic. If the business runs, certainly it will it will put a halt to employment termination (PHK), and can reduce the potential for social disruption in the community.

"In the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak, online marketing by maximizing technology is one of the strategies to survive for MSMEs. This is in line with RKB's mission to become a forum for MSMEs in increasing business capacity and capability by going Modern, Go Digital, and Go Online," she said.

Through #UntukUMKMIndonesia Program, BNI has facilitated the curation of RKB partners’ MSME products from various cities in Indonesia. This curation aims to make it easier for Sobat RKB, the call for the fostered partners’ regular customers, to be able to fulfill their needs without having to leave house by 3 easy steps which are Order, Pay, Deliver.

Public can order MSME superior products by accessing the official Instagram @RKB.BNI and 14 BNI’s fostered RKB social media accounts spread over various cities in Indonesia. Through this social media, MSME products that have been curated by the RKB management are displayed accompanied with the MSMEs contact numbers so that buyers can directly communicate with MSME operators.

After choosing the MSME products according to the needs and make payment, them the MSME products will be delivered by the delivery service that has been agreed. To stimulate this program, BNI provides THR Lebaran dooprize in the form of Link Aja top up vouchers in a total 10 million rupiah for 20 buyers and sellers who make transactions using BNI account number.

In addition to maximize MSME product online marketing, in the midst of Covid -19 outbreak, BNI together with State-Owned Bank Association ( HIMBARA ) also committed to supporting government policies in carrying out a restructuring scheme for MSME debtors in accordance with OJK regulations regarding National Economic Stimulus.

BNI RKBs also actively produce the needs of the community and medical personnel amidst corona outbreak ranging from mask, hand sanitizer, protective clothing for medical personnel or hazmat such as RKB Bantaeng in South Sulawesi, RKB Banjar Baru in South Kalimantan, RKB Cilacap in Central Java, RKB Padang in West Sumatra and other cities.

Until now, BNI fosters 44 RKBs throughout Indonesia. Thousands of MSMEs actively develop themselves in those RKBs. Training programs to encourage MSMEs’ Upgrading become BNI RKB’s regular activities such as basic introduction training on the importance of online market development, how to register in marketplace, product packaging, financial management, up to product photography. BNI also actively helps SME financing with KUR program to bring SMEs to national and international exhibitions.

BNI fostered RKBs who increasingly intense with  Go Online program during Covid-19 pandemic are located in 50 cities, namely Katingan, Bengkulu, Pontianak, Padang, Tabalong, Tegal, Banjarbaru, Ternate, Way Kanan, Cilacap, Karimun, Bekasi, Banyuwangi, Pontianak, Sleman, Banjar Baru, until Bantaeng in South Sulawesi. 


For more information, please contact:

Corporate Secretary BNI

Phone: 021-5728387



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