Easy and Useful, These are the Facts of Pre-Employment Card

Easy and Useful, These are the Facts of Pre-Employment Card

Jakarta, 24 April 2020 --- The Pre-Employment Card Program reaps tremendous enthusiasm from the community. Based on data from the Coordinating Ministry for Economy, as of Thursday, (16 April 2020), nearly 6 million people had registered for the Pre-Employment Card program. One of the factors driving this enthusiasm is that the community can take part in online training to improve their competence without risking exposure to the virus.

In Jakarta, Thursday (16 April 2020), the Executive Director of Managing Management of Pre-Employment Card Program, Denni Puspa Purbasari said, “The Pre-employment Card participants can choose 1,274 kinds of training from 182 institutions. The trainings are carried out through eight digital platforms available.”

To allow that, each of the Pre-employment Card participants will get incentive worth a total of Rp 3.55 million with the details of Rp 1 million for online training support, Rp 600,000,- post training incentive per month for four (4) months, and 3 times job incentive surveys of Rp 50,000 per survey. All incentives will be directly transferred to the Pre-employment Card participant’s account previously registered.

“The incentives are given after the training so that it remains optimally utilized. This to avoid that the participants only pursue for the incentives without actually utilize the training to improve their capacity. The training fee of Rp 1 million also cannot be disbursed in cash,” said Denni.

The Director of Service and Network of BNI, Adi Sulistyowati, who is familiarly called Susi, said that the Pre-employment card participants will receive money by transfer directly to their accounts after participating in the training. To make it easier for individuals who register for Pre-employment Card to obtain an incentive payment account, BNI has provided e-form/digital form, on the page, by clicking on the BNI logo on the page, participants will be directed to BNI landing page

"Registrants do not need to have a balance when opening a BNI account and the registration fee is free. Besides BNI, participants can choose to receive transfers to other e-wallets such as LinkAja, Ovo, and Gopay, but the advantage of BNI is that participants can withdraw cash incentives at ATMs," said Susi. 


For more information, please contact:

Corporate Secretary BNI

Phone: 021-5728387



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