On the 74th Anniversary, BNI Successfully Invites Traditional Cloth Craftsmen to Go Online

Jakarta, 6 July 2020 --- Online world has now become a new civilization that cannot be avoided because society is increasingly facilitated by the digital era. To that end, at the age of 74 years, BNI reiterates its commitment to support the Bangga Buatan Indonesia National Movement by encouraging MSMEs to become more adept at transacting digitally and Go Online. The digitalization of MSMEs of rare fabric-producer is expected to reach a wider market and more consumers, and increase their class to become modern entrepreneurs.

BNI brought all 7 fabrics from remote areas to Jakarta until 9 July 2020. These fabrics can be purchased online at the website

The Director of MSME Enterprises of BNI, Tambok P Setyawati conveyed, anyone can buy high-value fabrics online from the web site.

The 7 islands’ traditional cloths (Wastra) displayed at the site are Tidore Weaving from North Maluku, Lombok Songket from West Nusa Tenggara, Pontianak Weaving from West Kalimantan, Sengkang Weaving from Wajo, South Sulawesi, Manggarai Weaving from East Nusa Tenggara, Tanah Liek Batik from West Sumatra and Wonogiren Batik from Central Java.

In order for this Wastra Nusantara of MSMEs product to rise in class, BNI collaborates with several well-known Indonesian designers. These designers will create fabrics from 7 islands to become modern fashion without leaving the breath of their original culture.

“The collaboration of BNI and the MSMEs of 7 Islands Wastra and  the Well-Known Indonesian Designers is a concrete step from us, to make Wastra Nusantara appreciated through the creation of fashion designers' work as fashion influencers in the country. In the end, the work will become a fashion trend & an inspiration for the fashion world to jointly advance the nation's economy through the love of Indonesian products & proudly made in Indonesia," Tambok said.

BNI chose Wastra as a representation of original Indonesian products to be proud of because each piece of fabric not only contains the culture and creativity of its maker, but also has a memory of civilization. If one Wastra disappears, then it is feared that the symbol of a noble civilization of the archipelago will also disappear.

The site refers to the program that is designed in order to be able to help MSMEs to Go Online, starting from the initial preparation (familiar with photography and product packaging techniques) to how to upload products in the marketplace. This program is called BNI UMKM Unggulan Nusantara (Bunga Nusantara). The business actors invited are not limited to just a few types of products, but are evenly from several fields, ranging from fashion, crafts to culinary. This is BNI's effort to elevate the potential of regional MSMEs to the national & international arena.

In addition, BNI also actively distributes People's Business Credit (KUR) program and develops the capacity and capability of MSMEs to upgrade through business development and digital marketing training programs that are continuously held by Rumah Kreatif BNI (RKB) fostered by BNI for Indonesian MSMEs. Until now, BNI fostered 44 Rumah Kreatif BUMN which are spread in various cities in Indonesia.


BNI’s Anniversary Promo

In the series of BNI’s 74th anniversary, BNI is encouraging MSMEs to start emerging in the New Normal era by helping market their products with special offers for BNI Debit Card and Credit Card holders including 0% installment program, BNI Casback, BNI Reward Points and various other attractive offers.

BNI also presents a Serial e-Katalog of 1,740 Nusantara MSMEs throughout July 2020 to help marketing MSME products online so they can reach all corners of Indonesia.


Hot Drinks (Wedang) and Culinary

In addition to Wastra Nusantara, the activities of Bangga Buatan Indonesia also present 7 Wedang Nusantara such as Air Guraka Ternate, Wedang Uwuh, Wedang Sereh, Bajigur, Lemori, Jahe Merah (Red Ginger), The Temulawak as well as 40 Nusantara Snacks from BNI’s Featured MSMEs. The MSMEs featured in the Cinta Produk Nusantara activity are fostered partners of Bank Negara Indonesia from Rumah Kreatif BUMN as well as business players who get financing through BNI People's Business Credit.

BNI’s 74th Anniversary with the theme Uniting Energy for Indonesia in the New Normal Era which is a momentum to help support the government's steps in reviving the nation's economy in a new normal era through the MSMEs and the Bangga Buatan  Indonesia Movement. By buying MSME products in this activity, BNI employees indirectly helped businesses to get up and stay in business.

Until now, BNI has successfully invited 250,231 MSMEs to Go Online. 


For more information, please contact:

Corporate Secretary BNI

Phone: 021-5728387



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