Harpelnas 2021, BNI Serves Digital Service Ecosystem

Harpelnas 2021, BNI Serves Digital Service Ecosystem

Jakarta, 4 September 2021 – The National Customer Day or Harpelnas which falls on 4 September 2021 is not only a momentum to greet customers, but PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI uses it to update information about the digital service ecosystem. The company revealed that digital services for its customers have been able to serve all transactional needs, from opening accounts, transacting digitally, sending virtual gifts, to managing business. 

The Harpelnas 2021 commemoration at BNI was held on Friday, 3 September 2021 with the theme "Because you are our inspiration and enthusiasm to jump higher" through BNI Virtual Customer Gathering 2021. Present to greet BNI Customers throughout Indonesia and at Singapore Overseas Branch Office, namely BNI’s Deputy President Director, Adi Sulistyowati, 10 (ten) Directors, to SEVP ranks and all General Managers of each BNI Division. 

“Customer satisfaction is our top priority. BNI has always and wants to continue to provide quality services, always comes with convenience features and various value-added financial solutions because for BNI every day is Customer Day. For customers, BNI will do its best," said BNI’s Deputy President Director, Adi Sulistyowati. 

Adi Sulistyowati emphasized that in the midst of a dynamic era of technological disruption, BNI has no other choice to continue to work and innovate to become a pioneer of digital-based banking services. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated BNI's Digital Transformation where there is a shift in the activities of customers who want cashless and mobile transactions so that customers do not have the potential to be infected from the Covid-19 Virus. Thus, strengthening BNI's digital services is part of the solution to the challenges faced by most people. 

Digital Gift Sharing 

On this occasion, BNI gave appreciation to customers in the form of souvenirs that were different from the usual gifts. Souvenirs given are not in physical form but are given digitally through the DIKADO feature available in BNI Mobile Banking. 
In her speech, Adi Sulistyowati emphasized that DIKADO is only one of the features of BNI's digital service ecosystem. BNI digital services have been prepared since the prospective customer wants to open an account. To open an account digitally, customers can take advantage of digital account opening services, including digital account opening with face recognition features and through BNI DigiCS so that customers no longer need to queue at the branch office. 

Then after having an account, customers will get the New BNI Mobile Banking service with a more-Simple, Fresh, and Clean appearance that is equipped with new features. New BNI Mobile Banking is proof that BNI wants to be closer to its customers without any barriers, including Pandemic. 

Some of the superior features that customers can use to transact easily, quickly, safely, and comfortably in New BNI Mobile Banking include: First, Biometric Login, which is the use of finger print / face recognition when logging into New BNI Mobile Banking so that it is easier and faster. Second, Mobile Tunai feature, where customers can make card-free cash withdrawals at ATMs. Third, International Remittance, namely overseas transfer transactions in foreign currencies (USD, EUR, SGD, AUD, and JPY). Fourth, Digi Loan which allows customers to apply for loans more easily. Currently, the Digi Loan feature that can be utilized is the BNI Flexion application, and in the future this feature will be developed into other credit products. Fifth, top up wallets and credit starting from TapCash, LinkAja, Gopay, ShopeePay, Ovo, Dana, and I-Saku, as well as buying credit. Sixth, various payment features that are getting easier starting from credit card payments, telephone bills, electricity, water, insurance, travel tickets, BPJS, Taxes, to redemption of LPG DO. Seventh, QRIS BNI, which is the convenience of making payments without a card, simply by scanning the QR Code through the QRIS feature on BNI Mobile Banking. 

Specifically for this BNI QRIS feature, BNI’s Service and Network Director, Ronny Venir said, QRIS or QR Indonesian Standard reduces customer interactions who previously used cash transactions / debit cards / or credit cards. In addition, when making a transfer, customers do not need to ask for an account number, as with QRIS, they can do transactions. 

Furthermore, BNI is also present to serve customers who need transaction support when doing business. Customers who run MSME businesses to corporations can use digital services in the form of BNIDirect. BNIDirect is presented as an integrated solution for payment management services, collection management, liquidity management, to value chain management to facilitate customer transactions and business. 

BNIDirect is now equipped with BNI Trade Online services that can make it easier for customers to conduct Trade Finance transactions online. Using this feature, the submission of trade transaction requests can be done online without having to come to the Branch Office and can be done anywhere and anytime quickly and easily.

For more information, please contact:
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