Penetrating Japanese and Malaysian Export Markets, Sikka Fishermen Succeed through BNI Xpora

Penetrating Japanese and Malaysian Export Markets, Sikka Fishermen Succeed through BNI Xpora

Maumere, 30 October 2021 -- Indonesia's year-end export potential is increasing towards the end of 2021. PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI continues to encourage new export SME programs through BNI Xpora. Most recently, BNI officially collaborated with startup fishOn in increasing exports of fishery products in Maumere, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) on Saturday, 30 October 2021. 

It is hoped that this export can help fishermen to realize the export of Tuna Saku Sashimi and Katsuobushi Skipjack, with a total of 60 tons each month being exported to Japan and Malaysia. The release of the first export in Maumere is a continuation of a series of export releases which were also supported by BNI Xpora in Medan on Thursday (21/10). 

Also present at the export release event in Maumere were the Deputy for SMEs of the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, Hanung Harimba Rachman, CEO of fishOn, Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Deputy of the Ministry of Trade, and the Regent of Sikka, as well as tuna fishermen from Maumere and its surroundings. Virtually also attended the Minister of Cooperatives & SMEs, Teten Masduki and BNI’s MSME Business Director, Muhammad Iqbal.

"If it has anything related with MSMEs, just contact BNI Xpora, it will definitely be supported. The government once encouraged an increase in exports because it was not an easy job. We hope that exports in the fisheries sector will contribute the most. fishOn can be a model because it connects from upstream to downstream, this is a positive development and we need to support it together. Hopefully this will be a starting point so that we can develop it again at other points," said Hanung.

Meanwhile, BNI will continue to collaborate with various parties to support SMEs to survive the pandemic, be able to advance to class, and have the opportunity to penetrate the export market. "BNI's collaboration with FishOn is expected to be sustainable and sustainable in line with our mission to encourage national SME players to penetrate the export market," explained Iqbal. 

As for this collaboration, BNI provides productive financing solutions for fishermen's capital, including in the form of People's Business Credit (KUR). The same financing can also be provided for fishermen as fish trading capital by becoming Friends of Love. fishOn, has been implemented in the coastal areas of Ciwaru - Sukabumi, Prigi - trenggalek and recently in Sikka - Maumere. 

To optimize it, BNI and fishOn collaborate with the SOE Perindo, Perinus and other local companies as offtakers who buy fisherman catches through TPI Online, and distribute them upstream through the BNI Xpora program for export to several destination countries. 

"BNI and fishOn provide a digitalization system in the process of catching fish at sea with a fish tracker feature, cashless transactions for fishermen by providing fisherman outlets that are integrated with Agen46 services and a digitalized marine catch sales system with an online TPI system," said Iqbal. 

Emphasizing, CEO of fishOn Fajar Widi Sasono said, fishermen in Maumere have the potential to export 40 tons of Tuna Saku Sashimi per month to Japan and 20 tons of Katsuobushi Skipjack per month to Malaysia. BNI's collaboration with fishOn is expected to increase the penetration power of fishery exports. "We really appreciate the opportunity offered by BNI to work together. We hope that more fishermen can have the opportunity to develop a wider market," he said.

The Regent of Sikka, Fransiskus Roberto Diogo expressed his gratitude to BNI and fishOn for their support. “The trade routes here can be up to 7 layers, with fishOn for sure the price can be better. We hope that Maumere can become the center of the processing industry, including capture fisheries and aquaculture. BNI must remain loyal to support. If you have a lot of fish, then a lot of money. We will be more active in going to the sea to work together," he explained. 

For information, fishOn is an integrated application from upstream to downstream for the fishing ecosystem. fishOn itself has collaborated with the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment to create a million independent fishermen in various regions. fishOn has become a member of Xpora, making it easier to get fisherman funding solutions, business expansion to find markets, off taker funding solutions, and making it easier to find suppliers. 

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