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BNI New York

BNI New York

Bank Negara Indonesia is among the first Indonesian banks opening in New York City. It started its New York operation on August 1983 and has had a good run ever since.

It has been standing strong through trials and tribulations, particularly during the 1997 Asian financial crisis, when most Indonesian banks close their New York operation.

We divide our business into :

  • Money-lending activity, including :
    1. Bilateral loans to commercial business.
    2. Participation in syndicated loans.
    3. Letter of credits issuance.
    4. Trade financing.
  • Trading activity, with focus on money market, foreign exchange and fixed incomes.
  • Remittance activity, which covers countries all around the globe.
  • Correspondence Depository activity.

One Exchange Plaza 5th Floor,
55 Broadway New York,
NY 10006, USA.
P : +1 212 943 4750
F : +1 212 344 5723