BNI Card is a special offering to you the owner of BNI Taplus that offers convenience, comfort and flexibility of shopping. BNI Card issued by the two types of cards and BNI BNI Silver Card Gold Card.

Usefulness BNI Card

  • Accepted as Cart
  • You can use the Card for transactions BNI shopping in chain stores / merchants who installed the MasterCard logo with authorization signature (Signature Based) without any charge.
  • Accepted as an ATM card
  • In addition to the BNI ATM, you can also use the BNI Card for cash withdrawals at other bank ATMs, which is in the Link ATM network and ATM Bersama network spread all over Indonesia as well as the Cirrus ATM network worldwide.
  • Above other bank ATM withdrawals, you will be charged a transaction fee.
  • Ease of Transaction

In addition, BNI Card can also be used to conduct various transactions at ATM BNI such features as follows:

  • Information Balance & Cash
  • Change PIN
  • Inter-Account Transfer BNI
  • Cash in ATM Bersama and ATM Link
  • Interbank Transfers & ATM ATM Bersama Member Links
  • Bill Payment (Bill Payment):
    • Phone: Telkom, Telkom Speedy, Telkom Flexy Postpaid, Telkomsel Kartu Halo, Matrix Indosat, Indosat StarOne Postpaid, and Xplor.
    • Credit Cards: BNI, Citibank, ANZ Panin, HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, GE Finance (including Carrefour Shopping Card), ABN AMRO, Permata, Danamon and Commerce
    • Receivables Loans: Loan Without Collateral (KTA) Standard Chartered, Personal Loans / Citibank Ready Cash, KTA HSBC and ABN AMRO Personal Loan (RBS).
    • Water bills: Thames PAM Jaya (DKI Jakarta).
    • Electricity bills (PLN).
    • Subscription TV: Telkomvision, Indovision, Firstmedia.
  • Education Fee Payment University of Indonesia.
  • Garuda Indonesia ticket payment and Adam Air.
  • Payment by Q-Pay (Travel Agent) for the purchase of airline tickets, hotel vouchers and other travel needs.
  • Mobile Phone Top-up: USA SingTel, Telkomsel Sympathy, Indosat Mentari, IM3 Smart Indosat, Indosat StarOne Prepaid, XL and XL-Free thumb.
  • Debit Card Refill BNI (Prepaid).
  • Payment of sacrifice and charity, infaq, shadaqah: Dompet Dhuafa Republika, Baznas, PKPU, DPU-DT and Nurul Fikri.
  • Registration BNI E-Banking (incl. SMS Banking, Internet Banking, Phone Banking and)

Description: For a few payments and transfers to other bank, you will be charged a transaction fee.

  • Services 24 Hour Banking BNI Call
  • As a BNI Card Holder, you have the flexibility to use phonebanking facilities (BNI Phone Banking) * for the purposes of banking transactions through BNI 24 Hour Banking Service BNI Call 1500046.

Description *: Terms and conditions apply

Transactions with BNI Card

  • For your security, Bank BNI Card limit the frequency of transactions per day in accordance with applicable regulations, namely:

Card Type

Transaction Limit

Account Access


BNI ATM Cash Advance

ATM Transfer

BNI Silver Card

- BNI Taplus
- BNI Giro Individual

Rp 10 Million

Rp 5 Million

Rp 50 Million

BNI Gold Card

- BNI Business Taplus
- BNI Giro Individual

Rp20 million

Rp 10 Million

Rp 100 Million

  • Determination limit applies to each transaction and do not affect each other.

All transactions, whether through an ATM or shopping at the store / merchant, will be taken into account in Euro currency. Transactions conducted in foreign currencies will be converted into rupiah exchange rate set by the Bank at the time the transaction is recorded.

How to Obtain BNI Card

  • To obtain BNI Card, you must open an individual savings account or current account at the Branch Office nearest BNI.
  • If you intend to have a BNI Card immediately upon opening a savings account, you can choose the type of BNI Card Instant Card (No Name), while if you intend to have a BNI card with the name printed on the card, then you have to wait several days until the cards are printed and available at BNI Branch.