BNI Internet Banking is present as a service banking transactions via the Internet for 24 hours 7 days a week, for those who want the convenience of the Customer BNI banking transactions over the Internet a safe and comfortable whenever and wherever you are.

An easy way to BNI Internet Banking Users:

  • Perform Register using BNI Card *) You are BNI ATM through the menu "Register E-Channel", and make 6 figures PIN Register BNI Internet Banking
  • Perform Activation BNI Internet Banking, by the way:
  • Access to Personal Internet Banking BNI through
  • For new users, follow the guidelines "If you've registered BNI BNI Internet Banking via ATM, please click HERE for activation"
  • Enter your 16-digit number BNI Card *) and PIN Registration BNI Internet Banking
  • Please read carefully the Terms & Conditions BNI Internet Banking, and give approval mark on the box Tickmark
  • Create a User ID and Password in accordance with the provisions of the format.
  • Use your User ID and Password to log on BNI Internet Banking Services and can direct non-financial transactions such as account balance information and mutation.
  • To be able to transfer funds, pay bills and other financial transactions, you must have eSecure BNI is an additional safety device (token) to generate combinations of numbers are always changing (dynamic PIN)

*) Including Student Card, Card Employee / Member Card & BNI Syariah

How to get BNI eSecure:

  • At BNI Internet Banking application screen, select the menu "Administration" → "Register BNI eSecure" (print / record the Booking Reference Number eSecure BNI)
  • Select the area and Branch Offices BNI (as voted on screen) to take your eSecure BNI.
  • After 10 days, BNI e-Secure you can take in the BNI branch you choose, with the Book Savings, BNI Card, a valid identity card and eSecure BNI Booking Reference Number.
  • Do you through the activation of eSecure BNI BNI Internet Banking Service, according to the instructions on screen Service.

An easy way to users via Internet Banking BNI BNI Branch 

  • Coming to the BNI branch nearest to bring:
  • Identity Card (KTP, SIM, Passport)
  • Proof of ownership of individual account (Giro Taplus and its derivatives and individual) and / or BNI Card
  • Branch officers will help you to make the process of registration & activation BNI Internet Banking.
  • You can instantly create a user-id, password and immediately bring home the BNI e-Secure is ready to be used for financial transactions on Internet Banking BNI.

Types of Transactions in BNI Internet Banking

  • Nonfinancial transactions
  • Balance information
  • Mutations account information
  • Financial Transactions
  • Transfer funds between accounts BNI
  • Transfer funds to another bank (clearing and RTGS)
  • Bill Payment
    • Credit Cards (BNI, Standard Chartered, HSBC, GE Finance, ANZ, Bank Niaga, ABN AMRO (RBS), Bank Permata, Danamon, Citibank)
    • Telkom (Telephone, Flexi Classy, ​​Speedy) all area codes in Indonesia
    • Halo Telkomsel Card
    • Xplor card Excelcomindo
    • Matrix and StarOne Indosat
    • PLN (Distribution of East Kalimantan, West Sumatra, Central Java & Yogyakarta, Batam, Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi & Gorontalo and West Kalimantan - will soon be implemented. West Java and Banten (can use ATM services)
  • Purchase Prepaid Vouchers
    • Telkomsel (Sympathy & As)
    • Indosat (Mentari, IM2, IM3 & StarOne)
    • XL (free & thumb)
    • ESIA
    • FREN
    • Telkom Flexi
    • 3.
  • Purchase Airline Tickets
    • Garuda
    • Lion Air
    • Theater
  • Payment of Tuition Fee (Payment Student Centre)
    • ITB, Trisakti, Padjadjaran University, UNS, UB, USU, Unsri, UNJ, UPN Yogyakarta, UKDW, Unib, UNY, UPI, UM, PKA, ITN, Unimed, Unnes, UIN Sunan Kalijaga, Poltek Srivijaya, Poltekes, Poltek Malang, and others.
      Period Payment is made
      ​​in accordance with the provisions of their respective colleges.

Facilities Administration

  • Register BNI eSecure
  • Activation BNI eSecure
  • Change Email Address
  • Change Password
  • Account List
  • Payment List
  • Download Receipt Transactions

Note: This type of transfer transactions, payments and purchases will continue to grow for your convenience