DPR Appreciates BNI Fostered Padang Restaurant in Den Haag

DPR Appreciates BNI Fostered Padang Restaurant in Den Haag

Jakarta, 6 September 2022 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. or BNI strengthens its commitment to support the performance of the diaspora in introducing Indonesian culture. This is expected to be an entry point for Indonesian products, while at the same time attracting more investment to the country.

Recently, in order to encourage the performance of one of the fostered diaspora, Warung Makan Padang Lapek in the city of The Hague, BNI has distributed a diaspora loan of 50,000 euros. Member of Commission VI DPR RI Andre Rosiade together with the Minister of SOEs Erick Thohir also visited the Netherlands in order to see firsthand the BNI Diaspora Go Global program that has been running in the windmill country.

Andre explained, the Go Global Diaspora program is an effort by the Ministry of SOEs through BNI to help improve the economy for Indonesian diaspora in the world, as well as pave the way for Indonesian products to go international.

"I, Andre Rosiade, as a member of Commission VI DPR RI, had the opportunity to accompany the Minister of SOEs, Erick Thohir, to see firsthand the BNI Go Global program in the Netherlands. On this occasion, Minister Erick Thohir also inaugurated the development of Warung Padang Lapek Jo Restaurant in in the Hague City Netherlands," he said.

Andre appreciated BNI's proactive steps. In his opinion, a restaurant like Warung Padang Lapek Jo needs to be supported because it has very high potential along with the high demand for authentic Indonesian food in the Netherlands and other parts of the world.

"This restaurant was under development and now the area is twice as large as before. This development is assisted by the Ministry of SOEs through the BNI Diaspora Go Global Program. BNI helps finance diaspora in various parts of the world. Warung Padang Lapek Jo is assisted and financed by BNI Amsterdam and BNI London," he added.

Continue to Encourage Diaspora Loans

BNI President Director Royke Tumilaar conveyed that BNI's support for Warung Makan Padang Lapek Jo is a form of BNI's performance in encouraging the Indonesian diaspora economy. Moreover, Warung Makan Padang Lapek Jo also has very high potential along with the high demand for Padang Food in The Hague. He hopes that this financing will help Warung Makan Padang Lapek Jo in terms of working capital as well as expand its business to attract more visitors.

"Of course we really hope that the distribution of this diaspora loan can boost the image of Padang Restaurant as a means to introduce Indonesian culture to the world stage," said Royke.

Still related to the development of Padang Lapek Jo Restaurant, Royke continued, BNI Xpora has again succeeded in encouraging cracker producers to export their products abroad, especially as complementary foods at Lapek Jo restaurant.

"Of course, this is a very good trend. We will channel more Diaspora Loans to support diaspora business development and optimize Business Matching services from BNI Xpora so that more Indonesian MSME products reach the global market," he said. (*)


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