BNI Bidik Aparat Desa

BNI Bidik Aparat Desa

BNI Targets Village Leaders

Bogor, 28 January 2016 - PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) selected National United Village Community Organization (Organisasi Kemasyarakatan Persatuan Rakyat Desa/Parade) to collaborate with in the provision of comprehensive banking services. Through the cooperation, BNI will offer banking service packages for Parade Nusantara members, reaching more than 70,000 potential customers, or equal to the number of villages in Indonesia.

The cooperation is solidified with the signing of Memorandum of Understanding between BNI and Parade Nusantara in Bogor, West Java (28 January 2016). BNI Deputy Director Suprajarto and Parade Nusantara Chairman Sudir Santoso attended the signing.

Suprajarto hoped that the cooperation will afford Parade Nusantara the ease and convenience to access banking services, such as payroll account opening (Tappa), for village institutions. Parade Nusantara will also be given easier access to create BNI co-branding debit card that functions as membership card, ATM card, and provides loan facilities and merchant cooperation. BNI will use the agreement to open BNI46 agents at each village and prepare e-commerce services for small-to-medium enterprises.

Additionally, BNI and Parade Nusantara will explore potential business opportunities, such as KUR distribution for potential customers at each village (with BNI46 agents as referral). BNI can also facilitate village account opening to store donations intended for development, BUM Desa (Badan Usaha Milik Desa) account opening and financial transactions, as well as its supply chains to fulfill the needs of village communities and help build public infrastructure, such as the construction of roads, schools, and places of worship, seed and fertilizer management, and other infrastructure needs.

Parade Nusantara is a community organization, where the majority of its members and organizers are comprised of leaders of the rural communities, including current and former village chiefs, and members of Village consultative Body (BPD). Younger members are mobilized through Karang Taruna, while the female equivalent lies in PKK Desa organizations.

Based on the most recent statistics, Indonesia has 74.095 villages, each employing between 20-25 state employees. Through village fund distribution programs, the government aims to provide approximately Rp 1.4 billion to each village, totaling up to Rp 104.6 trillion for all villages combined.

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