Enterprising for Saving Trash Campaign, BNI Wins Padmamitra + Award 2019

Jakarta, 6 November 2019 --- Inviting the public to use trash as a source of income, which then incorporates the income into the banking system, is an effort that needs to be done consistently and continuously. In recent times, BNI has been actively campaigning for a healthy lifestyle by managing trash well while increasing financial literacy by introducing Agen46, which functions as a trash bank. It is this consistency in developing the Trash Bank that makes BNI worthy of becoming a bank that gets the Padmamitra + Award 2019 in the Digital Innovation category.

The submission of the Padmamitra+ Award 2019was held at Balai Agung, DKI Jakarta City Hall, Tuesday (5 November 2019). The award was handed by the Governor DKI of Jakarta, Anies Baswedan to the Consumer Business Director of BNI, Anggoro Eko Cahyo.

In developing this garbage bank, BNI carries the theme: "Let’s Save With Trash" Program. This theme has a positive impact and has been successfully applied in various regions in DKI Jakarta so that in a short time it can be implemented in 5 Regions and 1 Regency, namely the Administrative City of West Jakarta, North Jakarta, Central Jakarta, South Jakarta, East Jakarta, and Thousand Islands Regency. This program also provides many benefits, which can change the community's paradigm that trash has economic value, practice saving habits through the banking system, realize the importance of clean living and teach trash management and sorting.

"The environment has become cleaner with disaggregated trash. And at the same time, BNI’s Agen46 can be optimized, among others, reflected in the opening of BNI savings accounts, both BNI Taplus, Simpel and BNI Pandai savings. This program has also been successful in digitizing transactions at the Trash Bank," Anggoro said.

Previously, BNI together with Financial Services Authority (OJK) Regional Office 1, and the Government of DKI collaborated to hold Ayo Menabung dengan Sampah Movement. This movement is part of the BNI Go Green Program which embodies BNI's environmental responsibility, which is included in one of the programs in BNI's Sustainable Financial Action Plan (RAKB). Thus, BNI's business activities become environmentally sound businesses.

Anggoro said, the Let’s Save With Trash Movement is a synergy and mutual concern between BNI, OJK, and the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government in helping to overcome the trash problem from its source. The trick is to encourage direct community participation.

Related to financial inclusion, the number of Simpanan Pelajar (Simpel) accounts as of 30 September 2019 has reached more than 800,000 accounts, growing more than 45% over the same period last year. Where the amount of funds raised reached more than Rp 57 billion or grew 14% compared to the same period last year. This number includes about 150,000 Simpel accounts that have been generated in the pilot project of the Let’s Save With Trash Movement in West and North Jakarta since last year. This positive response from students gives a sense of optimism to future young people who are more concerned about the environment, and the wider implementation of the OJK one student one account program.

The launching of the Let’s Save With Trash Movement, is the follow-up of the pilot project which has been going on since last year in the Administrative City of West Jakarta and North Jakarta. As of September 2019, this movement has been participated by more than 150,000 students and 5,000 citizens and orange troops, more than 200 trash banks with a total fund raised from sales of more than Rp 3 billion.

A wider launch is expected to have a greater impact on reducing trash from its source, and students and communities can enjoy the economic value of habit and independence in saving with trash and supporting the implementation of the one student one account program. And another important thing is this program is the first step in forming the character of children to love saving and caring for the environment from an early age. With this movement, it will form & create at the same time a lesscash society & lessthrash community. 


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