Supporting BNI, BNI Optimizes KAMI Program

Supporting BNI, BNI Optimizes KAMI Program

Dubai, 5 November 2021-- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. continue to strengthen its role as a state-owned global bank by expanding its business network and social relations. 

BNI optimizes KAMI (Indonesian Migrant Family) program by allocating CSR funds of IDR 5 billion. This time the funds are for an empowerment program which will later be divided for educational assistance, entrepreneurship training assistance, as well as business equipment assistance for migrant workers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

Meanwhile, the aid handover procession was carried out directly at the Indonesian Consulate General's office in Dubai by BNI’s President Director, Royke Tumilaar to the Indonesian Consul General (Consul) in Dubai, Kartika Candra Negara. This event was witnessed directly by the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Erick Thohir. 

Erick said Indonesia has a very strong network of migrant workers spread all over the world. These migrant workers not only benefit the country they live in, but also Indonesia.  

Not a few families in Indonesia always receive very strong remittances to connect and even improve their standard of living.  
He said the government continues to fully support all the struggles of PMIs in all parts of the world. The Ministry of SOEs mobilizes all capabilities so that it can always make it easier for our brothers and sisters abroad to struggle.  

"We certainly appreciate the social steps. We hope that this program can be useful for our brothers and sisters and spur their enthusiasm to be more productive abroad," he said, in Dubai (5/11/2021). 

Furthermore, Erick said that the Ministry of SOEs continues to play an active role in encouraging all state-owned companies to go global and strengthen their business relationships abroad. 

"Bank BNI also takes a strategic role by helping transactions, guarantees, and providing financing services. Bank BNI currently has 6 overseas branch offices. Its branch offices cover almost all countries in the world," he said. 

On the same occasion, Royke explained that the Rp 5 billion CSR fund was intended for the empowerment program for Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI). 

This program is expected to be a capital in building the capability and capacity for the businesses of Indonesian Migrant Workers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, both for businesses that are already running, and for those who are just starting out. 
"So for those who are already running, their business is expected to be able to develop and expand their marketing targets, even to reach the global market. As for those who are just starting out, they are expected to have basic skills in building a good business," he said. 

In addition, Royke said that BNI is directed to become a bank with superior international business capabilities. 
The Company also continues to strengthen its role as an agent of development, including supporting the economic development of the Indonesian people overseas. 

In the midst of this, BNI views that MSME players are one of the strategic segments that are BNI's priority to be developed. With a very large number of MSME players, which is around 60 million, Indonesian MSMEs are one of the motors of national economic growth. Not only for domestic MSME players, but also for Indonesian MSME players spread all over the world. 
Through various integrated banking services, Royke said the company is ready to facilitate business development for such as the diaspora, Indonesian people overseas, and Indonesian-related companies. 

"We also invite these business players, in order to optimize the network of BNI Foreign Branch Offices and also the presence of remittance agents spread in various cities of the world. We hope that, through the services we provide, BNI can become the main financial service partner in every community economic activity, both at home and abroad," he concluded.

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