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Partnership Program

BNI Sharing Program is a community empowerment program designed to improve quality of life. The program was created in order to support and implement Ministry of State Owned Enterprises (BUMN) regulations as part of the Partnership Program and Community Development Program.

Framework & Scope of Program

Community Development Program provides goods and funding for the community to channel and support :

  1. Natural Disaster Relief.
  2. Training and/or Education Relief.
  3. Healthcare Improvement Relief.
  4. Relief to support public infrastructure and/or facility development.
  5. Religious Place of Worship Relief.
  6. Nature Conservation Relief.
  7. Social Relief and the Assistance of Poverty Alleviation.
  8. Education, training, apprenticeship, marketing, promotions, and other forms of assistance related to improving the Partnership Program.

Nature Conservation aid by BNI is also known as "BNI Go Green" Program. Loan assistance amount in the Partnership Program will depend on the number of approved applicants.

Program Purposes :

  1. Encourage public welfare and environmental improvement.
  2. Encourage clean and responsible business practice.
  3. Contribute positively to society, and create inductive business environment.
  4. Foster public sympathy for companies to support positive image formation in the public eye.
  5. Improve public understanding of Company through information that reflects Company social activities.
  6. Alleviate poverty.