Spurring Economic and Tourism Recovery, GNFY 2022 Held in Bali Invites BNI to Become a Bank Partner 

Spurring Economic and Tourism Recovery, GNFY 2022 Held in Bali Invites BNI to Become a Bank Partner 

Denpasar, 6 August 2022 -- The acceleration of economic recovery and national tourism in the middle of this year seems to be getting stronger. One by one, sectors that were previously affected by the Covid-19 pandemic have begun to show improvement and expansion along with the recovery of mobility and public consumption.

The Gran Fondo New York (GFNY) Bali 2022 Event will be held again for the 4th time in Gianyar, Bali. It is believed that it will be an additional motor to spur economic recovery and national tourism.

As for, this international road bike sport event has been held 7 (seven) times, the first was in 2016 & 2017 in Lombok and 2018 in Samosir. The last GFNY Bali was held in early 2020 when the covid pandemic entered Indonesia.

GFNY is an International Cycling Marathon Series held in 19 countries with a total of 30,000 participants per year which is divided into regional championships in different countries and world championships in New York.

GFNY Indonesia is part of the GFNY World Series which has been held since 2016. The number of participants increases every year from 700 to 1,700 participants both locally and internationally and Indonesia is proud to be selected as the host of the Asia Championship.

In 2022, Bali will again host the GFNY Championship Asia with a target of 2,000 participants from within and outside the country which is planned to be held on 7 August  in Gianyar, Bali. The best participants will be sent to New York, USA to take part in the world championship in 2023.

General Chairperson of GFNY Indonesia, Tenne Permata Sari, said that this international event is expected to be able to revive the Indonesian economy. Moreover, many participants will be attending from all over Indonesia and abroad such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, England, France, Italy, USA and several other countries.

The economic impact that can be generated by involving many related sectors ranging from aviation, hotel industry, local Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises including restaurants, souvenirs and other MSMEs.

"We hope that the GFNY Bali Element Camp 2022 will play a role in stimulating the tourism industry sector where we can continue to be connected, share, learn from each other, support each other's business growth, and jointly accelerate economic growth through the Indonesian tourism sector.  "We really appreciate the support and cooperation from all parties, including the central government, regional governments, relevant agencies and industry players," said Tenne Permata Sari as Chairperson of GFNY Indonesia.

The GFNY Bali route is divided into two, namely long (137 km) and medium (102 km) through the coast and mountain areas, to add to the liveliness of the event, a Bike Expo will also be held on 5-7 August in Gianyar where there will be booths from various industries, where Element Camp is the main sponsor, BNI as a Bank Partner, Vision+ as a media partner, Aladin Travel as a Travel Partner, and followed by our other sponsors such as Geliga, Shantika hotel group and Garuda Indonesia.

This grand event can continue with a lot of support from the central government, regional governments and related agencies for the smooth running of this event so that it remains in accordance with existing health rules and protocol.

In his statement, BNI Director of Services and Networks, Ronny Venir said that this sporting event is in line with the spirit of BNI which is spurring national economic performance to be more Go Productive.

The company believes that GNFY Bali 2022 will trigger many economic activities so as to encourage economic acceleration and tourism, to the creative industry from the micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) segment.

"We appreciate the organizer who has succeeded in realizing the GNFY Bali 2022. Hopefully this event will be the initial spirit together to spur the trend of economic recovery, which is getting better this year," he said.

He explained that the GFNY 2022 participants are given convenience in making transactions at the event venue to buy merchandise, souvenirs and so on using BNI debit/credit cards, Tap Cash, Qris, and Mobile Banking. BNI also encourages brand activation of three flagship products, Mobile Banking, BNI Direct, and Xpora in the GNFY 2022.

"In fact, we are currently intensifying BNI Xpora to be able to encourage MSMEs to Go Global according to the direction of the Minister of SOEs who appointed BNI as a partner bank for Indonesian MSMEs in marketing their best products overseas," said Ronny.


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