Minister Erick's Visit, BNI Amsterdam Captured Global Market Opportunities

Minister Erick's Visit, BNI Amsterdam Captured Global Market Opportunities

Amsterdam, Friday, 2 September 2022 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. or BNI (stock code: BBNI) continues to optimize the strength of overseas branches to capture business opportunities that continue to grow.

By utilizing its international network, the company continues to bring in Go Global customers while at the same time attracting investors to Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Erick Thohir visited BNI Representative Office Amsterdam (BNI Amsterdam) in Amsterdam, Friday (2/9/2022). Erick said that BNI has a duty to bring Indonesian business actors to a higher level of competition, namely the global arena.

Not only financing, according to him, BNI is also tasked with providing ongoing assistance to ensure that the potential for international expansion is optimally exploited.

"Today we see BNI Amsterdam representative office. This is a real manifestation of BUMN and BNI to make Indonesian players not only good at home," he said.

Furthermore, Erick said that BNI could optimize the business potential of the Indonesian diaspora in the Netherlands. Erick said that the Indonesian diaspora has great potential in the culinary field in the Netherlands.

Erick said that currently there are 420 Indonesian diaspora who have restaurant businesses in the Netherlands and need a lot of support, especially in terms of raw materials. BNI can assist them in supplying their raw material needs by connecting with raw materials’ suppliers in Indonesia at affordable prices.

"BNI's goal with the Amsterdam representative office is to re-establish relations with the diaspora, which is the potential for our future economic growth, it should not be abandoned," he said.

Separately, BNI Corporate & International Banking Director Silvano Rumantir said that the company is trying to provide better solutions and services targeting domestic and foreign customers. BNI has also refined the operating model to increase productivity and results for BNI partners.

"This BNI Amsterdam Representative Office is still new, but we have received quite a lot of appreciation and invitations for cooperation. We believe this office will become one of the engines to drive BNI's international banking performance," he said.

Silvano said that at this early stage BNI Amsterdam would focus on conducting market research, business mapping and providing support services to BNI customers. The Company also establishes relationships with other financial institutions and exchanges information with these institutions.

In addition, BNI Amsterdam is tasked with assisting BNI London in achieving the corporate loan pipeline and local diaspora as well as promoting trade and investment between the Netherlands. BNI Amsterdam will hold many corporate meetings with State-Owned Enterprises and other Embassies in Europe.

Of course, this representative office will visit many Diaspora in other EU countries besides the Netherlands to expand networks and relations.

"Of course, from a business perspective, some of the targets that we will achieve at the beginning of this opening period are improving loan and trade performance from corporations and diaspora, business matching for BNI Xpora partners, and increasing the remittance business," he said.


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