Kementerian ATR/ BPN Gandeng BNI BNI Berpeluang Layani Transaksi di 450 BPN

Kementerian ATR/ BPN Gandeng BNI BNI Berpeluang Layani Transaksi di 450 BPN

Ministry ATR/BPN and BNI Provided Transactions at 450 BPN

Jakarta, February 1, 2016 - PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) is in the running to provide payment payment services for ten types of fees deposited into state treasury as Non Tax Revenue (non-tax) from the Ministry of Agricultural and Spatial Planning/National Land Agency (BPN). Cooperation between the Ministry of Agricultural and Spatial/BPN with BNI will benefit both parties, as non-tax revenue payment services will be more easily performed through BNI. Additionally, business needs concerned with the Ministry of Agricultural and Spatial/BPN will receive additional service features, such as easy deposit of non-tax revenues through BNI’s multichannel platforms.

Ministry of Agricultural and Spatial/BPN and BNI agreement was signed in Jakarta, Monday (February 1, 2016) by Minister of Agrarian and Spatial/BPN Ferry MursyidanBaldan and BNI President Director AchmadBaiquni.

Baiquni explained that the purpose of the Joint Agreement is to establish mutually beneficial cooperation and support the main duties and functions of each Party. Moreover, the agreement aims to provide better services for customers of both Parties, such as mandatory non-tax revenue payments for ATR Ministry and BNI customers.

Non-tax revenues related to the duties and functions of the Ministry of ATR and BPN include Surveying Services, Measurement and Mapping, Land Registry Services, Land Consolidation Services By Government, as well as Technical Advisory Land Services. There are also non-tax revenues Edaphology Services, Land Information Services, Licensing Services, and Registration Training and Education for Used Lands Services. All of these services are now connected to SIMPONI, a service provided by the Directorate General of Budget at the Ministry of Finance.

These non-tax deposits are payable through BNI. BNI involvement is expected to ease payment transactions for taxpayers and/or customer BNI, especially as BNI expanded its payment channels to include its outlets, BNI Internet banking, as well as ATM and EDC. Payment using Internet banking and ATM BNI is available 24 hours/day.

For further information, please contact :

Suhardi Petrus, Corporate Secretary BNI
Telp : 021-5728387, Email :


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