BNI Seoul Tawarkan Produk Unggulan Kiriman Uang MANTAP

BNI Seoul Tawarkan Produk Unggulan Kiriman Uang MANTAP

BNI Seoul Offers Featured Remittance MANTAP

Seoul, February 16, 2016 - PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI Branch Office Seoul rely on a variety of their products in order to provide extensive banking services for Indonesians in South Korea. One such product is Remittance MANTAP, which offers convenience for approximately 50,000 Indonesian migrant workers in South Korea to help maximize the management their earnings, explained BNI Corporate Secretary Peter Suhardi on Tuesday (February 16th 2016).

"Remittance MANTAP” from BNI Seoul serves as a remittance product without the burden of additional deduction for transfers to Indonesia, unlike those imposed by the banking industry in general today. The program aims to manage revenues earned by Indonesian workers in South Korea, fulfilling BNI Seoul's role in helping Indonesian citizens who try their luck in foreign countries to reserve some savings to pursue their dream with family back home.

"As one of the largest banks in Indonesia, BNI remains committed to improve our banking services, not only for the people in the country, but also for Indonesian citizens working abroad. BNI’s presence in Seoul facilitates the needs of Indonesian Migrant Workers (TKI) in South Korea for banking transaction services,"he added further.

BNI took advantage of the workers gathering in Seoul on February 14th 2016 to promote its Remittance MANTAP product. The event invited Ustad Wijayanto to speak in front of hundreds of migrant workers. The high attendance rate reflected how migrant workers greatly missed the presence of Indonesian banks in South Korea, especially to aid them in managing and conducting banking transactions in the country. At the event, migrant workers were offered the opportunity to open Taplus Rupiah, Taplus USD, and Taplus KRW savings account through BNI Seoul.

The Indonesian Foreign Exchange Heroes need for an Indonesian banking service was reflected in their mass visitation to the BNI office building in Seoul that Sunday. Before the event,news of BNI Seoul operations plan and event was spread by inviting migrant workers on Facebook, with help fromthe Indonesian Embassy in Seoul.

The commencement of operations on Sunday was deliberately done to announce that BNI Seoul willopen its doors on Sundays to serve customers. Indonesian migrant workers in South Korea are mostly factory and agriculture workers with limited free time.BNI Seoul operation on Sunday will afford them the ability to continue managing their finances, despite having to work five or six days a week.

BNI Seoul branch office is located just 500 meters from Seoul Station at the heart of downtown Seoul, one of the largest train stations in Seoul. The new location is easily accessible for workers in all areas of Seoul.

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